Making Moves - Frasier Hill & his new Wethepeople Setup

"just build it up, put a wee bit of wind in the tyres and off ya pop"

23 Aug 2021

Fraz Wtp 39

Photos by Fooman | are Official DIG Partners

Access hop enthusiast Frasier Hill is the latest addition to the already stacked UK WeThePeople team. As soon as he whipped together a new Doomsayer frame, Fooman was on hand to get the lowdown. Just like Frasier's riding, that thing is looking prime. Scroll down for all the info...

Frasier is supported by our Official DIG partners WeThePeople & Waller BMX.

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How it going Frasier? What’s new?

Yo, yeah sweet as to be honest, been getting out a lot more recently as the weathers changed up so just working and riding all the time now. It’s been good!

You’ve just been hooked up by Wethepeople, how’d this come about?

Not too sure how it came about really… I knew Fooman was going to work with the guys at Wethepeople. Fast forward a few weeks and I get a call asking if I’d like to ride for Wethepeople and to pick out a bike. It’s given me so much motivation to ride even more, proper hyped to be riding for such a sick brand that I’ve always appreciated. From product through to the team, it’s always looked like a dialled setup. So I feel honoured to be given such an opportunity.

What’s the current set up?

I’ve gone for the Doomsayer frame, Pathfinder bars, Battleship forks, supreme front and back wheels. Love how the hub sounds on these! Legacy cranks, the Pathfinder 28T sprocket and a pretty comfy fat seat.

How come you chose to ride the Doomsayer?

I’ve always liked how the Doomsayer looked with the Hydro formed gussets. It’s a pretty tricked out frame. The graphics have always been really nice on the Doomsayer, and Godwin is SAVAGE!

The Doomsayer features some pretty wild geometry compared to a more "traditional frame". How does it feel?

Feels ideal to me really. I was a bit sceptical about such a geometry change compared to what I would normally ride but it pops good and whips come round nicely - just feels comfy and solid all at once. I’d recommend it to anyone!

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Favourite part on your new ride?

Honestly I’d say the frame, it looks so nice and I’ve never rode a frame like it.

Any special mods or are you a straight out the box type of guy?

Not really changed anything on it, just build it up, put a wee bit of wind in the tyres and off ya pop.

How does the all mighty hop come to play on board the Doomsayer?

Yeah, well I was pretty surprised when hopping some access gaps for the first time because of the short back end the back wheel just flies straight up. Took a little minute to get used to it but it feels insane so I’m really hyped on that.

Rumour has it you’re off to Barcelona to work on a welcome video?! When can we expect to see this?

Yeah, well funny you say that… £24 flights! It’s cheaper for me to fly to BCN than go down the road in England. So yeah, I’m going out there in a few weeks time if all goes to plan. Hopefully the world doesn’t fall apart some more in the mean time. So hopefully there will be something out shortly after the trip.

Any other things in the pipeline?

Not sure really, I mean I hope so but because of all the things that have been happening lately I’m just trying to get this one trip done and put all my efforts towards that, but I’m always up for a bit of a mission so we will see what comes my way I guess.

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Parts list:

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