SETUPS: Freddie Househam - UNITED Knightsbridge V2

"I ain’t gone full street yet!"

27 Mar 2020


Photos by Jason Colledge | UNITED BIKE CO

Freddie Househam likes a classic setup, and the United Knightsbridge V2 fits that bill perfectly. Watch him build up his latest ride below and then put it to work at Clissold Park in London. We caught up with him for a quick catch up and a full parts rundown too.

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How are you dealing with everything that's going on right now with the lockdown?

Dealing with it as well as I can. Things are tough for everyone at the moment. It's far from ideal at the moment, especially as I'm self employed, just gotta keep on keeping on, be kind to each other and let this shit blow over!

How’d the winter treat you?

Good mate! Usually it’s pretty bleak but it was flat out so it flew by.

Thinking of better times, what are your favourite trails you’ve ever been to?

Eastern Pennsylvania has got to be up there. Those dudes know how to build jumps. The dirt and woods are something else.

You’ve recently moved into London, will you still be digging at Epsom?

For sure, just a slightly longer commute. Ain’t gone full street yet!

Trails being plowed has been a common occurrence and there’s been some uncertainty at the trails with the council, how is this looking now?

Things are looking up now. We had to jump through so many hoops with it. There’s so much politics and bullshit involved; but we made it out the other side. The council have gone quiet now we’ve got insurance, so hopefully it stays that way.

What's your favourite part on your bike.?

Right now it’s the new Union/United railed seat. Looks so sick with that logo embossed

Which parts do you go through the most?

Grips or tyres probably. Can’t beat a good skid

Tell us more about your Knightsbridge frame:

Low and long steel horse built for the trails. The new version came out bang on, new curved seat stay tube, more rounded top tube sizes, fresh graphics and a laser etched Epsom trails logo in the head tube made this frame awesome. The longer top tube sizes and low BB keep this thing stable when going fast. No complaints here!

Assuming things get back to normal, what did you have planned this year.

Just the same old stuff ha, dig and ride as much as possible whilst juggling all the other stuff.

Any trips potentially/hopefully on the horizon?

Nada! Although there are a bunch of trail spots and bowls I want to get to in England so that’s going to be in the pipeline!

Any words of advice to those wanting to get started on making trails.

You don;t need much to get a set of trails going. A shovel and a wheel barrow - a woodland or field with good soil - a water source and a hill will always help. The rest is down to your imagination.

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Freddie Househam & his United Knightsbridge V2

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Freddie Switch Tables Clissold
Freddie Turndown
Freddiebikecheck 5

Frame: United Knightsbridge, 21.6

Forks: United Dinero

Bars: United KOD 9.25

Cranks: United Nash

Grips: S&M Reynolds

Chain: KMC

Chain ring: United MDLCLS 33t

Pegs: Nahhh

Front hub: Bicycle Union

Rear hub: Bicycle Union

Seat: Bicycle Union X United Gaaar Railed

Seat clamp: United

Stem: Credence

Tyres: United X Union Indirect 2.35 up front and a United Direct 2.3 on the rear

Headset: United

Pedals: Odyssey Dugans

Any Modifications?

Cut the forks and axles down, rest is straight out the box!

Freddiebikecheck 10
Freddiebikecheck 7
Freddiebikecheck 8
Freddiebikecheck 19
Freddiebikecheck 21
Freddiebikecheck 13
Freddiebikecheck 16
Freddiebikecheck 3
Freddiebikecheck 9

"just gotta keep on keeping on, be kind to each other and let this shit blow over!​"


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