4Down At The Farm Bowl

Backyard Heaven in Devon

26 Sep 2018

Video by Ryan Hallett / Words by Jason 'Fooman' Colledge 4Down

I was browsing online and stumbled across a Sidewalk Sessions skate video with the word 'Devon' in the title... being from Devon myself (in the South West corner of England), I had to find out where exactly Sidewalk had been and what this newly discovered 'Farm Bowl' actually was. 

A few days later Ryan Alcock randomly hit my line and co-incidentally asked if I had heard of the Farm Bowl... and he went on to tell me that not only had he a hand in building it, but that if we wanted to head down and put some rubber on there we could. With camping, the Farm Bowl, BBQ and beers on our mind... myselfFreddie HousehamJonny DevineBambi and Billy Mills managed to string a loose plan together and headed to the motherland that is Devon at the first opportunity

With endless lines and a sausage in the middle to switch things up a bit, the Farm Bowl really is a thing of beauty. I managed to catch up with it's proud owner Rob Gurney to ask a few questions that had been rattling through my head whilst we were there. Thank you for having us over, we can’t wait to get back!