Setups: Louie “Bambi” Mire

And His S&M Credence MOD

28 Nov 2017

Bambi Bike Check Websize 3

Intro and photos by Fooman

"I’d never really heard of Colchester UK's Bambi until my recent move to 4Down. Shortly after I would find myself on a trip down south to Cornwall with the man himself. I was quick to learn that Bambi isn’t scared to leave the floor and blast way up out of anything you put in front of him." - Fooman

Bambi Bike Check Websize 4922

Frame: S&M Credence MOD 21”

Forks: S&M pitchfork XLT wide mouths

Bars: Credence 8.7

Cranks: United Nash

Grips: United Jimmy grips

Chain: KMC

Chain ring: Bicycle Union V sprocket

Pegs: United Slim Peg

Front hub: Bicycle Union fiend

Rear hub: Bicycle Union cassette LHD

Seat:  Bicycle Union trail seat

Stem: Bicycle Union roam on

Tyres: S&M mainline 2.425 up front, Animal GLH 2.1 rear

Headset: United

Pedals: Odyssey grandstand

Rims: SUN big ballers 

Brake: Bicycle Union claw

Bambi Bike Check Websize 4934
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How is this set up specific to your riding needs? 

I try and ride a bit of everything but mainly bowls/trails so I go for something a bit longer with more classic geometry frame-wise. This way I stand some small chance of keeping it under control!

Special mods? 

I run a grip doughnut so I don’t kill my thumb on the lever on heavy landings, which seems to happen an awful lot... I also run a frame pad because I started to get “shinners” whenever I did tables.

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Bambi Bike Check Websize 4929
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Bambi Bike Check Websize 4927

What are you most particular about on your bike? 

Tyre pressure. 

Parts you go through the most? 

Top tube pads! The foam wears paper thin from smashing my shins into it. Probably last half as long as my grips.

How often do you work on your bike, are you a bike maintenance type of guy? 

I’m pretty bad for keeping it maintained. It gets to the point when it makes some very interesting noises and the whole set up runs a bit baggy... (John) Dye compares it to an old skip lorry haha!

Bambi Bike Check Websize 4930
Bambi Bike Check Websize

United Mini Rig

7 Jun 2017