Víta Kácha - UNITED X TBB 2017

Prague's Finest

11 Oct 2017

Filmed by WDGF Raiders / Edited by Tomas Carda

Sometimes life doesn't always go the way envisioned it, but it's how you deal with the challenges that really count. Good DIG friend and Prague local Vita Kacha knows all too well about challenges, dealing with a string of nasty injuries and a life changing car accident a few years back. "There's usually some kind of personal error leading to an injury, so I try to learn from my mistakes and it basically helps me to grow wiser" and no doubt that has contributed to the quality of this new edit for United. Watch Vita's last few years of clips, taking on some incredible spots, steep old rails and having fun the whole damn time.

Read Vita's 'Waiting Game' interview here.

Official DIG Partners: United

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