​Learning, moving forward and progressing...

23 Nov 2017

Fly 2018 Bikes 0 Cover

Images Courtesy of Official DIG Partners: FLY BIKES

Learning, moving forward and progressing, that’s the BMX way, and its no different at Fly Bikes. They're always thinking, making little tweaks to improve and make the cleanest and best completes possible. For 2018 they have a ton of great things going on with new products, refinements on some, and changes to others: like their mid range Neutron, which is now transition inspired. Enjoy their new line. 


Omega Geometry

"The Omega has everything you need to hit the streets in a serious way, with all the features of last year, bit now equipped with the very popular Volcano top load stem, 4 Trebol Bueno Nylon pegs and guards, along with two breathtaking colors: Flat Black and Gloss Dark Raw. What more could you ask for?" MORE INFO


Orion Geometry

"The Orion is ready to hit any transition, with a slightly longer 13.50” rear end and 28t sprocket this thing is built to go fast and fly high, and equipped with many of last years features but now with the all new Volcano TT stem, that’s slimmer, lighter and a little lower than the original. We’ve also switched things up with the brand new Sierra Tripod seat featuring original artwork. Rounding things out, the Orion comes completes with Trebol Nylon pegs and guards and two amazing colorways: Flat Black and Metallic Brown." MORE INFO


Sion Geometry

"The Sion was introduced last year as a high-end street complete model with a cassette hub, originally inspired by Courage Adams. For 2018 we shook things up a notch to make this machine just at home on transition as it is in the streets, featuring Fuego tires, Devon signature grips, the Volcano top load stem, brand new Sierra Tripod seat with original artwork and rounded out with a set of Trebol Bueno Nylon pegs, guards and two amazing colors: Flat Black and Flat Trans Blue. This bike has it all." MORE INFO


Proton Geometry

"Our best selling mid price range model just got a little better. This machine includes the new, large Trebol 2.35” tires, new Proton Tripod seat with original artwork, Devon signature grips, a shorter 30mm fork offset and a full set of the Trebol pegs. And to finish things up this sweet street inspired ride comes stock with either a freecoaster or cassette hub, whichever suites your needs. Either way, you’ll be ready to shred the streets on one of two amazing color options for 2018: Flat Black and Gloss Trans Orange." MORE INFO


Neutron Geometry

"We’re really excited about this one! The Neutron is probably the one bike we’ve made the most improvements to for 2018, now aimed a little more toward transition style riders, this mid range complete features a Tri-moly frame with removable brake mounts, 100% Cro-Mo bars, the ever popular 20.75” top-tube length, a longer 13.60” rear end, longer 32mm offset fork, the new large 2.35” Trebol tires and the made for speed 28t aluminum Trebol sprocket. It also features the brand new mid sized Neutron Tripod seat with original artwork, Roey signature grips, Trebol top load stem and all rounded out with a pair of Trebol pegs and two sick colorways to choose from; Flat Black and Flat Tan. This bike is the epitome of fun on two wheels." MORE INFO


Electron Geometry

"As with everything flybikes our aim is quality, and to refine, so moving into 2018 we made some minor changes to the Electron. The bike now comes with the new Trebol 2.35” tires, new Electron Tripod seat featuring original artwork, mid bottom bracket, internal headset and a top tube length coming in at 20.5” to make this one of the best spec’d, common sense complete bikes out there. Also included, a pair of Trebol pegs, the timeless Roey signature grips, Ruben signature graphite pedals and two new amazing colorways: Flat Black, and Straight Green to help create one sweet ride at an affordable price that’s ready to shred right out of the box." MORE INFO


Nova Geometry

"Much like its little brother the Neo, the Nova didn’t change at all and carried over for 2018, with larger tires, scaled down Tripod seat, Spanish bottom bracket, internal headset, Ruben signature graphite pedals, Trebol pegs and two new colors to choose from: Flat Black, and Metallic Blue, this thing looks amazing and is one step closer to a lifelong love of BMX." MORE INFO


Neo Geometry

"Why fix it if it’s not broken? The Neo is one of the best kid’s complete bike’s on the market, all scaled down with many great weight-saving features to fit the youngsters perfectly. We’re spec’ing the Neo 28 spoke wheels, a gearing set up with 10t driver aimed at smaller kids for a silky smooth ride. There’s other great details to, like its big brothers larger diameter tires, small Trebol Neo pegs and all rounded out in two brand new colors: Flat Black, and Metallic Red, and a ton of fun built in." MORE INFO

Official DIG Partners: FLY BIKES