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With Questions From His Instagram Followers

14 Jul 2017

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Photos courtesy of FlyBikes

We switched up the format a little bit for this time. Larry Edgar fielded questions from his followers on Instagram and responded to some of his favorites here. Alright let's get to it and check out what Larry's current Fly Bikes signature colorway GEO is like and find out which of your curiosities he's answered...

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Frame: Flybikes GEO Larry Edgar colorway. 21" TT

Forks: Flybikes Volcano. 30mm offset

Bars: Stay Strong Larry Edgar signature. 9.25" rise

Grips: Flybikes Roey signature

Stem: Flybikes Volcano

Headset: Flybikes Rotar

Rims: Flybikes Lunar

Front Hub: Flybikes

Rear Hub: Flybikes Magneto prototype cassette

Tires: Flybikes Devon Smillie signature Fuego. 2.30"

Inner-tubes: Flybikes Cobra

Pegs: Flybikes Tubo

Cranks: Flybikes Dolmen II 175mm

Bottom bracket: Flybikes Rotar Mid

Sprocket: Flybikes Tractor XL 30T Sample

Pedals: Flybikes Ruben aluminum

Chain: Flybikes Tractor

Seat: Flybikes Roey III signature Tripod

Seat-post: Tripod

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@jasperkurt1s : What age did you start riding? When did you first get sponsored?

 I started riding when I turned 13, and my first sponsor was sullen clothing when I was 16 or 17

@eskimobmx : Favorite rider growing up? 

I had a few favorite riders growing up but the one that stood out the most was Mikey Aitken.

@fluffy4toast : what trick do you dislike the most? 

I think I dislike front flips the most because they are so unpredictable with me, but I still find them fun.

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@pj009 : which rider did you first look up to? 

You may not know the name but Thomas Hancock had the biggest influence on my riding and my life R.I.P.

@alexis_649 : did you have a hard life growing up? Did bmx help? 

My life wasn't the easiest, yes bmx was the only getaway I had.

@calilove_760 : where's the best place you've traveled? 

I would have to say Australia is my favorite place I've traveled to so far.

@steviebmx: proudest thing you've done? 

I'd have to say the proudest thing I've done so far would have to be either moving into my own place or winning Simple Session.

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@sem_kok : worst case? 

I think my worst case was in Australia at the vans BMX Australian open, I was gapping on to a spine and 50-50'd it.

@Buhluhky_bmx : favorite trick? 

I really enjoy doing dipped 360 tabletops. 

@Jackporterbmx : do you listen to music when you ride? 

I like anything fast paced but to narrow it down I've been listening to Metallica 4 horsemen.

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