Devon Smillie - Setups X Instagram Q&A

Fire Machine

28 Aug 2017

Devon Smille Intro

Photos courtesy of Fly Bikes

For this week's DIG Setups feature we're mixing things up again with the questions coming from Devon's own Instagram followers, on everything from product queries to personal life. Check Devon's latest Fly Fuego ride and then find out why he runs those tires so damn low...

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@stefanlavric - Did your parents support you when you were young?

Yes, 110%. Whatever I was into they fully supported me. They noticed at a young age how into riding I was so I think they kind of helped push me in the direction I’m going. They actually started a BMX shop that lasted about 13 years all because of my riding. 

@rollmeupone_  - What’s the thing you love about BMX the most?

I think it’s the individuality. It’s called freestyle for a reason. There was never supposed to be any rules or guidelines for riding. It’s just go out and do what makes YOU happy. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

@_angelbmx - Why did you decide to ride BMX and not take up another sport?

I was super into motocross when I was about two, so at that age I picked up a bike and just tried to do what I saw on TV. I never got into sports. Never played on any team. I don’t like having a whole squad relying on you to not mess up. If I mess up riding, it’s all on me, no excuses. That doesn’t go for sports. If one person messes up, that could be the game over for the whole team. To much pressure. And I don’t like stressful situations.

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@jaxson_mead - What was it like growing up in Georgia? Was the BMX scene there pretty big?

Actually, when I was about 10 or 11 I feel like the scene was bigger than ever. We had a lot of pros come through town, skateparks were poppin' up everywhere, and they all allowed bikes. There was a bit of skater/biker segregation, but more recently those worlds have collided. Being in California everyone just expects you to skate, it's mainstream. In Georgia, I feel like riding is more accepted.

@Arisaiveloz - Was it you or Fly that came up with the name Fuego? And where did the inspiration come from?

Actually Fly came to me with the idea. It had to be a Spanish name. I was thinking playa, meaning beach, since I had just moved to Huntington. They came back with the name Fuego, meaning fire. I immediately knew that was it. I use the term fire so much on a daily basis so it just made sense. Plus, why would you not want your line to be fire?

@thegnarberries - What’s your opinion on scooters?

I respect them. I used to hate so much but I grew up playing on scoots and I still do to this day. Some of the street scooter riders are doing some of the craziest combos too, its like futuristic BMX. If there are people making money from something they enjoy, why would you hate? People probably hate on BMX all day but we love it, its all perspective 

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@stefanlavric - What’s usually the first trick you do when you get on your bike?

Ha ha it’s always who can land the fakie manual five cab first try.

@netflixandtrill - If you weren’t a BMX rider, what career path would you have chosen? And do you have anything in mind for when you stop riding and retire?

I probably would have tried to race motocross. Or just skateboard. I don't know really, I would definitely need some adrenaline. Maybe even a racing driver. For retiring though, not much plans yet. I’m going with the flow. I would love to design shoes one day or even own a brand of my own. But i'll let that all fall into place. I’ve even considered becoming a motivational speaker. If not, I’d go to automotive school and work at a shop.

@idontknowsimon - What are you most particular about on your bike?

Probably air pressure. It’s so weird because sometimes it feels soooo good squishy but makes other tricks feel impossible. You just have to find that happy medium.

@jakemacduff - How do you want to change the world through your riding?

I have this vision, if we made BMX as dope as possible then it could bridge gaps between industries. I just think that rather than hating on something that someone else is doing just because you don’t do it, try respecting people for their interest. While BMX is getting cooler than ever, all the negativity being thrown around is holding us back. We have to show how much we appreciate what we do before others can appreciate it and help us grow.

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