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14 Feb 2017

Fly Parts Screen

Images courtesy of FLY BIKES

Last week we gave you a taste of the latest 2017 frames to hit from Fly Bikes, and now we're going to delve a bit deeper into their line of parts for this year. From the Ruben inspired Fuego tire to their new Volcano stems, Fly consistently make good-looking, functional products so have a ganders at some of their best.


Fly Productivity 2 Fuego Tires All Copy

"Devon was always a fan of the “Ruben” tire, so to honor this legendary tread pattern he modeled the “Fuego’ tire after it. But, he also knew street riding was much harder on tires, so his tire had to be as tough as could possibly be while still looking amazing. Using a new tear resistant inner layer technology, “High Pressure and Puncture Resistance”(HPPR), a pinch-flat resistant layer at the tires bead, a denser, stiffer sidewall and an even harder sidewall “Protection line” that was featured originally on “Ruben’s” first tire to help protect as well as help slide during grinds, all make this one very durable tire! Devon also wanted a slightly smaller tire, smaller than other comparable tires, a 2.30” to help grab a little less during grinds, but still large enough to absorb the rigors of street riding. And at Devon’s preferred 30PSI tire pressure, but with capabilities all the way up to 120PSI, the “Fuego” tire is one of the toughest, most versatile tires on the market." - FLYBIKES Fuego Tire

Fly Productivity 1 Fuego Tires Detail Copy

·       HPPR layer technology: High Pressure and Puncture Resistance.

·       Harder sidewall compound

·       Harder “protection line” compound.

·       Pinch resistant layer at the tires bead.

·       Low-pressure stability, but 120-PSI capability.

Fly Fuego Tyre


Fly Productivity 2 Lunar Rims All Copy

"Rims, historically don’t really change too much, but with the never-ending evolution of BMX, and “flybikes” being a brand to never sit still it was time to freshen up our very popular “Classic” rim with some much needed improvements. Besides the strength and obvious design features of the “Classic” rim, the new “Lunar” rim includes a greater spoke offset for increased stability and refined adjustability, an overall taller shape, deeper rim bed for easier tire installation, thicker sidewall thickness for dent resistance, a rim lip that helps avoid pinch-flats, and all rounded out with a perfect 34mm. width. The “Lunar” rim has it all!" - FLYBIKES Lunar Rim

Fly Productivity 3 Lunar Rims All Copy

·       Material: 6061 T6 Alloy

·       Width: 34mm

.       Height: 19mm.

·       Weight: 517 g / 18.2 oz (rim strip included

Fly Lunar Rim


Fly Productivity 4 Volcano Forks All 2 Copy

"We’re bringing you a totally new concept in steer-tubes for BMX that’s not only amazing looking but also serves a functional purpose. The brand new “Volcano” fork includes a slightly ovalized crown that helps spread the fork legs farther apart for greater tire clearance, it also creates a stronger overall junction and flushes the fork crown up to the base of the head-tube for an amazing seamless look. The “Volcano” dropouts are a refined 30mm offset version of the “Agua” dropout, with a new improved bottom cone shape that’s angled and rounded to help avoid hanging-up during grinds. The forks also feature a new improved welding process that creates a deeper weld penetration to help make this fork the strongest it can possibly be." - FLYBIKES Volcano Fork

Fly Productivity 3 Volcano Forks Dropouts Copy
Fly Productivity 2 Volcano Forks All Copy

·      Legs: Seamless 4130 CrMo Sanko triple butted

·      Dropouts: Invest casting 4130 CrMo

·      Steer tube: CNC Machined 4130 CrMo

·      Treatment: Full post welding heat treated

·      Top Bolt: 7075 T6 Alloy CNC machined

·      Offset: 30 mm

·      Steer tube length: 155 mm

·      Weight Black: 1.049g / 2.31 lb (Top bolt included)

·      Weight Flat Raw: 1.014g / 2.23 lb (Top bolt included)


Fly Productivity 3 Volcano Tl Stem Copy

"The two brand new “Volcano” stems feature an overall wider clamping area, anti-slip grooves along with wider bolt heads, all to help increase holding power and keep your bars exactly where you want them. They also feature some very clean machining, not only to save weight but also give them a personal look and help set them apart from the sea of very similar looking stems out there." - FLYBIKES Volcano Stem

Fly Productivity 4 Volcano Tl Stem All Copy
Fly Productivity 1 Volcano Fl Stem Copy
Fly Productivity 2 Volcano Fl Stem All Copy

·      Rise: 30mm

·      Reach: 50mm

·      Weight: 361 g / 12.7 oz

Fly Volcano Stem

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