The Chase Hawk Podcast


19 Feb 2017

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Interview by Shad Johnson Photos by Andrew White

Shad Johnson and Rob Dolecki sat down with style G-O-D Chase Hawk on a rainy day last Spring (2016) at his townhouse in Austin for Chase's first podcast. He covers a lot of ground, including his first exposure to BMX at 9th Street, his racing days, witnessing the explosion of the Austin population and riding scene, stealing sandwiches from Wawa during summers staying in Bethlehem,  taking everyone's money via Cee-lo on Road Fools, his Born and Raised comps, how Cult grew so fast, the Joe Rich influence, wrapping up the soon-to-be-released etnies video 'Chapters' (Chase's part is going be an epic one), witnessing an intense beat-down in South Africa, and just a ton of good stories!


The Chase Hawk Podcast


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Dig Bmx Etnies Kc Aw 15

The result of a barend to the throat. Etnies Chapters, Kansas 2016.

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20 Oct 2016