The Dave Voelker Podcast


26 Jun 2016

Voelker Podcast Screen

Interview by Shad Johnson

One day late in 2015, and after BBQing and riding the legendary Dave Volekers' backyard ramp in his hometown of San Diego for about an hour, I sat down with him and pressed record for this latest DIG X Snakebite podcast. We discussed the worlds first ever street contest, his Dyno days, coming out of retirement to ride in the X Games, caring more about true soul riding more than competing, and so much more. Dave's true passion for riding has always seemed shine through since his first legendary video and magazine apperances in the eighties right through to today, and I felt so privileged to share the stories some of those experiences first-hand with Lord Voelker himself! - SJ


The Dave Voelker Podcast - DIG X Snakebite

Praise The Lord

Shad Dave

Shad Johnson and Dave Voeker. San Diego, Fall 2015.