SETUPS - JAI LAKEMAN and his Colony Prisma Build

"Super poppy and quick for spins"

28 Feb 2022

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Photos courtesy of Cooper Brownlee | In conjunction with our Official DIG Partners

Rail fiend Jai Lakeman recently put together the new Colony Prisma frame so we met up, shot some photos and touched base on his current setup.

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How would you describe your personal bike setup?

Small and tall I guess, small frame and tall bars.

Which parts of your bikes are extra picky about?

Just my pedals, never could run anything other than Colony's since day one.

The new Prisma frame is a little shorter in the rear (12.7" slammed) and has a steeper head angle (76.3), how have you found it so far?

Super poppy and quick for spins, also love the little details on this frame like the bridge and oval tubing on the downtube and chainstays.

What parts do you ride the longest?

Sprockets, going on 3 years I think with this Menace guard, just run it till it breaks.

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What types of spots have you been enjoying lately?

Just rails, nothing kinked though haha.

If you could ride any city in the world for spots where would you go?

Probably LA I reckon, BCN would be pretty close second for me.

What’s your most enjoyable rail move?

Really getting into crank arms, just love the feeling of them, do like a crook too.

You’ve got a baby due next month, how’s that changed your life since you got the news?

Changes everything haha, scary but really exciting, keen for him to get on a bike.

Jai Feeble Mbark

Frame: Colony Prisma 20.7”

Fork: Colony Sweet Tooth 20mm offset

Handlebars: Colony Tenacious 10” rise

Stem: Colony Squareback

Headset: Colony

Cranks: Colony Venator, 165mm

Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic

Seat: Colony Shred Pivotal

Seatpost: Colony Pivotal

Bottom Bracket: Colony Mid

Sprocket: Colony Menace 25T

Pegs: Colony Anyway Plastic

Grips: Division Sierra

Tires: Family F2610 2.4” Tires

Front Wheel: Colony Wasp hub with Colony Contour rim

Rear Wheel: Colony Swarm hub with Colony Pintour rim

Footwear: Vans

For more info: COLONY BMX

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