A WhatsApp Conversation with Ruben Alcantara & Sergio Layos

5 Nov 2019

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Photos: Chris Bouquet (bike) & Will Reyes/Ruben Plasencia | Official DIG Partners FLY BIKES

There's more than one Ruben that has been a part of the Flybikes family for years and after a brief hiatus, Ruben "Rubio" Rodriguez was officially announced as being back on Flybikes in Spring 2019.

Rubio, who hails from the island of Tenerife, has always been the kind of rider that brings his laid back style to everything he touches, from street spots to trails and transitions, and that's what makes his riding so good.

Recently, he caught up with teammates Sergio Layos and 'the other Ruben' via WhatsApp and produced the following bi-lingual insight into his equally laid back smooth and stylish FLYBIKES Sierra bike setup.

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Rubio Text English 1
Rubio Text Esp 1
Rubio Text English 2
Rubio Text Esp 2
Rubio Bike Img 8650
Rubio Text English 3
Rubio Text Esp 3
Rubio Text English 4
Rubio Text Esp 4
Rubio Bike Img 8633
Rubio Bike Img 8637
Rubio Bike Img 8634
Rubio Bike Img 8640
Rubio Bike Img 8641
Rubio Text English 5
Rubio Text Esp 5
Rubio Text English 6
Rubio Text Esp 6
Rubio Fly Riding 551 D0530 F4 D0 44 C4 88 Fc 7 E808 E48 Fa92
Rubio Fly Riding 89 E3 C5 E8 Bbcb 40 A6 9 Dfe E2748 F9 Bf1 E4
Rubio Bike 48195 Cfe 979 E 40 E0 92 F0 E6 Df8 B6 Aaa67

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