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4 May 2020

Sergio 2020 Fly Bikes Fotobikecheck

Interview by Kerr Bilsland | FLY BIKES are Official DIG partners

Fly have recently been diving deep into the technical realms of BMX product production and a brand that’s always been known for its style aesthetics is proving it can be a leader in product innovation as well. Sergio Layos recently built up a new bike which has a couple very interesting looking prototypes onboard it so we figured it was time to catch up and get the low down on his latest whip...
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Sergio, you’re no stranger to a bike check but this ones a bit different as you’re running quite a few prototype Fly parts. Anything you can tell us about those just now?

At the moment I’m running a new headset cup that we think would work better and will come in two pieces so people can run different set ups as I always wanted my bike to be super low on the front end and this just solves the problem of having to create two different head set caps but that is as far as I could tell you on this one, them we have a new Ruben tyre mainly for the back , I’m also testing the new Ruben grips that are a bit thinner than the previous ones and a bit more confortable to the hand and comes with some small flanges that you easily can remove if you want as I did, and at the end we have the hubs, super happy with them as finally is the part on my bike that I’m more stoked about.

Fly were working on the Magneto hubs for a long time. There’s been a lot of buzz about them and it seems as if the first batch sold out immediately. What’s so special about these hubs and have they helped with your riding at all?

I know... they took too long and now that they finally work how we wanted them I can’t stop looking at them. It took too long because we tried different manufactures as at the end it didn’t work as we wanted them or their machining wasn’t precise enough and that took time to the point that sometimes we doubt if it was worth it but we wanted to make the best hub we could possibly make and not just make an other hub that the only thing that changed was the logo and I think we finally got it right.

The idea that you can customize the hub as you want choosing different axles and drive sides is something we want to do so you can run a pegless set up with a super clean look like mine or you can have a hub with a strong axle for grinding like Courage does.

And about if it has improved my riding, I think that anything that makes you happy improves your riding but on the other hand I have to say that is fast, probably the fastest hub I have ever own and that is something really important for me.

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Sergio 2020 Fly Bikes Image00019

The Ruben tyres have been around forever now, they always seem to be a mainstay on your bike. What have Fly been doing to update this already classic product?

Yes, I have tried different tires and I always go back to Ruben’s, and I was running a rear Trebol tyre from the complete bikes as the size was what I was looking for but now we have a new Ruben tyre a bit less tacky and with a mid size that goes between what we had in the past as we had something thin or super thick and this one with a 225 size that for the back to me feels like the right size and has a grip that you can trust that is really important to me when you carving corners going really fast and now that is a bit less tacky is super fast.

It seems Fly always takes into account the importance of having their team riders go over every detail of a part with them before they sign off on a production line. How important is it to have a brand give you that much involvement when it comes to a product?

For me is something really important as I have always customize parts over the years, cutting dropouts and machining parts to make them how I wanted them to the point I got a lathe to play with those parts that I was’t happy with and on the other hand the team knows the weak points or how something should feel so that way is best for us and for the company.

The Covid-19 crisis has all but shut down most of the world. We’ve recently seen the postponement of a lot of the major contests/jams for this year. Most notably the Vans Pro Cup, how has the crisis affected your plans for the year so far?

I have to say that I’m supper sad that the Pro Cup got cancelled this year as for me are the best events out there where I get to meet a part of my family that I only get to see 4 times a year but on the other hand I been dealing with some injuries and it gave me some extra time to heal up and I always wanted to film more so I think this created the perfect scenario to focus on that.

Spain has had some of the strictest lockdown rules in the world, where have you been staying during the lockdown and what have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

Spain has some crazy rules at the moment and the fine you get if you break them goes from 600€ to 1500€ and believe me they give them away for anything (got one for going to get groceries from a supermarket that was 5 minutes further than the closest from the house). luckily some friends they asked me if I wanted to move in with them as they live on the countryside and have a bit of land where the dog can play and we have some extra space keep us entertained, been working on my van a lot and hopefully by the end of the lock down will be totally done and also I been focused on the recovery and I think I’m ready to start riding again.

Got any Boxset or Youtube recommendations for us?

I have to say that I don’t.. I’m not really good at being in front of a screen or TV... In my apartment I don’t own a TV and the wifi I get is if I use my phone so I’m sorry but can’t help you with that! haha.

If you could take three parks or spots from anywhere in the world and have them as your own personal compound to ride out the crisis what would they be?

This is an easy one! I will have the Ruben bowl, 5 dock and the T1 ramp no doubt or a mix of them but I will be happy with a simple spine mini hahaha.

Obviously no one knows how this year is going to play out but what are some activities you’re looking forward to getting back to once this blows over.

Well I’m sure it has happened to all of us that now is when we figure out what is it that we miss the most and for me is being in the mountains and specially on the north coast of spain where there is good bowls and some amazing riding on the mountains and really what I miss is just riding bikes in general.. I’m also really looking forward to start filming as I always have amazing memories from filming trips.

Finally, any thanks?

First thanks to anyone that too the time to read this, to Flybikes for letting me be a part of a company that does what they believe on, to Vans for proving that I have a family that I can count on and to Red Bull for helping me so much with the injury I have been dealing with.

Frame: Sierra 20.6” / 13.6” (Sergio Layos signature)

Handlebars: Sierra 8.5” (Sergio Layos signature)

Fork: New Fly Volcano 33 (Prototype)

Grips: New Fly Ruben 2, custom cut (Prototype)

Stem: Fly Volcano TT

Headset: New Fly Volcano (Prototype)

Cranks: Fly Dolmen 180mm / 22mm

Pedals: Fly Ruben Graphite

Seat: Fly Sierra Tripod (Sergio Layos signature)

Seat Post: Fly Tripod

Bottom Bracket: Fly Rotar Mid BB

Sprocket: Fly Circulo “20 Anniversary” 29T

Chain: Fly Tractor

Tires: Fly Ruben Ligera 2.40” Foldable Front & Fly Ruben 2.25” Foldable (Prototype) Rear

Front Wheel: Fly Magneto front hub (Aluminum Axle / cone bolts) + Trebol rim

Rear Wheel: Fly Magneto Cassette hub 9T (Aluminum Axle / cone bolts) + Fly Lunar rim

Stickers: Custom frame stickers protection cover by

Sergio 2020 Fly Bikes Image00001

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