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23 Jan 2020

Fly Bikes - An UNEXPECTED Photo Session

The Great Indoors


Photos by Ismael Ibañez | Courtesy of FLY BIKES | Captions by Sergio Layos

Late last Fall some Fly Bikes team riders headed to their Spanish HQ to get together and discuss new products and spend time filming locally in and around the costal town of Vigo. However, due to bad weather and a lack of indoor parks they got to work with pallets and whatever they could find, improvising some ramps inside of their warehouse.

Good friend and photographer Ismael Ibañez was on hand to shoot some great photos of the unexpected sessions...

"This past August after most of the team spent the weekend at the annual O Marisquiño contest in Vigo, Spain, we decided to have the team at our warehouse to spend some time working on new products and to have some fun on our bikes at some of the amazing local parks. We had a few good days of sunshine, then the rain started and we unexpectedly had to get creative to keep the fun going by turning our warehouse into a spot to ride! Here's what Sergio Layos, Courage Adams, Teresa Azcoaga, Ruben Alcantara, Sem Kok and Pitu got into during the visit! Unfortunately Devon Smillie and Larry Edgar were at the X Games in Minneapolis during this, so they weren't able to be here with us! Despite a little rain, we still managed to have a great time! Enjoy!" -Fly Bikes

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Courage Adams

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Sem Kok

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Teresa Azcoaga

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Sergio Layos

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Ruben Alcantara

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Pitu, checking the roof for leaks.

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"They do this twice in France to say hi and I always forget and give the knuckles after the first, and for some reason feels so awkward."

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"Its all in your head... just imagine it's skatelite." - Ruben

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Everyone's money was on Pitu hitting his balls on this one, but we were wrong.

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Sem Kok - pallet moto.

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Pitu - textbook fakie turndown.

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Ruben - quality control.

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Sem Kok - what the fork (lifter).

"It was a really good weekend besides all the rain we got on the second day of filming. We started riding at the Flybikes HQ warehouse because there are no local indoor skateparks (much like where I’m from) and made some small little setups that everyone could shred on."

- Sem Kok

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If only Sem Kok could learn Spanish this easily.

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"I used to ride the old version of the Ligera Ruben tire but the new version feels a lot more grippy while blasting bowl corners and riding trails or street. The tire makes definitely makes a crazy sound when you carve or do fast 180s." - Sem Kok

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It's time...

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