The Top Ten Moments in Road Fools History

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the ultimate road trip series

16 Jan 2023

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List compiled by the DIG Staff

When you're asked the question, "What are the most memorable moments from the Road Fools series?" it's something that could take you a long time to compile, especially when it's a collection of classic videos spanning 12 years featuring some of the finest to ever do it in BMX. Starting off in 1998 with the first ever Road Fools trip, Props picked up Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, Jimmy Levan, Robbie Morales, Dave Freimuth, Sandy Carson, Ed Docherty and Derek Adams in the bus and little did they know how legendary that trip, and the Road Fools series would become! With the help of the DIG family we've come up with our list of ten favourite moments. Let us know what your list would include in the comments below...

10 - When Vic and Edwin Went Snowboarding

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #10

When Vic Ayala & Edwin Delarosa Went Snowboarding - More Info

What happens when you take two of the streetest dudes in BMX history snowboarding for the first time ever? A hilarious collection of falls, that's what. After some shit talking Vic soon found out it wasn't as easy as expected! Classic footage!

9 - Robbo And The Finger Bikes

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #9

Robbo and the Finger Bikes - More Info

Even if you aren't schooled in your Road Fools history this is one you've probably seen clips from! What do you do when you're bored in the bus during Road Fools 5 and all your friends / biggest pros in BMX at the time have cheesy finger bikes made of them? That's right, you set Robbie on the case!

"This is some kind of hybrid bastard inbred child of the bicycle extreme sport." Robbie Morales 

8 - Fuzzy's Backyard And A Young Mike Aitken

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #8

Fuzzy's Backyard and a Young Mike Aitken - More Info

Day three of Road Fools 2 and Robbie Morales, Buck Choklit, Rooftop, Mike Tag and the rest of the dudes made it to Fuzzy's backyard jumps in Utah and got to witness a very young Mike Aitken in action. Doesn't get much cooler than that! Look out for Castillo man-handling a wisecracking Leland Therman for his "lip checks".

7 - Morgan Wade And The Chest Protector

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #7

Morgan Wade & The Jay Miron Chest Protector - More Info

For the seventh spot in our list we flashback to Road Fools 5 on the journey between Oklahoma City to New Orleans when the crew had an encounter with none other than a very young Morgan Wade and very Jay Miron-esque chest protector! Who'd have thought it! It's funny how such a smal moment like this has stuck with us for so long...

6 - Biz And The Mountain

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #6

Biz and The Mountain - More Info

This has to be one of the most random and funny moments in Road Fools history! Rewind to circa 2002 and the crew were in the desert when Biz decided he would run up a huge mountain for $300 as long as he made it within the allotted 30 minutes. You got to love Ryan for stuff like this!

5 - Ruben's 540 Wallride

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #5

Ruben's 540 Wallride - More Info

Another entry from Road Fools 6 to Europe and it's Ruben again! 540 wallrides aren't a common thing to this day and back then it was the second one most people had seen after Craig Campbell's pioneering move at Meet The Street in '88. As with everything Ruben he made it look as good as anyone could! 

"I witnessed poetry in motion" - Dave Freimuth 

4 - Van Homan And The Kona Tailwhip

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #4

Van Homan and the Kona Tailwhip - More Info

Can i jump 30 foot? Check. Can i tailwhip? Check. 30 foot whip gap it is then! Van Homan and his epic whip at Kona skatepark as featured in Road Fools 7. What's that about grass landers?!

3 - Ruben's Shark Fin Gap

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #3

The Joe Rich Gap To Rail - More Info

The year 2000 and Props decided to do their first ever Road Fools outside of the US so off to Europe it was and an 11 day trip through France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and England was kicking off. On the first day in Paris Ruben eyed up the ridiculous gap from the bank over the rail and into a shark fin type object, to everyone else's bemusement!

"Ruben and Osato do not have to ride the rest of the trip." - Van Homan

2 - The Joe Rich Gap To Rail

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #2

A True Pionner - More Info

Second spot in our list comes from Road Fools 1 and has to be something that all fans of the classic video series with have emblazoned on their minds - Joe Rich's gap to rail. Joe filmed some beyond scary clips on those days in Austin but this one has to be the standout for all parties. 

"It's obvious to people that don't know, that Joe Rich is one of the best all-round bike riders in the world." Jimmy Levan

1 - Jimmy Levan and The Church Gap

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Road Fools Top Ten Moments - #1

Jimmy Levan and The Church Gap - More Info

It's probably no surprise this one came in at the top spot on our list of favourite Road Fools moments! Jimmy Levan and his epic and legendary Austin church gap from Road Fools 1. I'm sure you've seen this before but feast your eyes once more and believe! It's interesting that this is one of those things that people have tried again since but most have felt it's wrath.

"And so the Church gap was conquered and from that day a new religion was born and that religion would be known as Levangelism.- DIG Issue 8

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