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29 Dec 2016

Get A Whiff Of 'The Dirty Sniff'

Wild Behaviour

Words by Sean Burns / Photos by Sean Burns, Arthur Sadowsky, Pat Burke, Spencer McCabe, Jamie Mauri, Dean Dickinson, Jay Wilson and Leo Furmansky

If there was a BMX video that your Mum wished you'd never seen and your Dad wished he had, it was probably this one. I wonder how many kids have a copy of Bone Deth's previous DVD 'Surfing For The Ugly Broads' and where their favorite hiding spot is? Well, now they're going to need a new place to stash this one and it better be a whole lot more secret! 'The Dirty Sniff' is a culmination of a lot of hard work, hundreds of roof drops, kook interactions, no expendable money, public acts of nudity, bloody and worn leather, and a hell of a lot of laughs. If ever BMX didn't take itself too seriously, it's these guys. Bone Deth's head savage, Sean Burns takes us through the whole incredible process to fruition. Give it a sniff...

Bone Deth Disc Cover Copy

I remember it as if it were yesterday that the internet prick told me DVD would be dead by 2011. Here we are in 2016 entering 2017 and the best riding on video is still performed and excuted for DVD. Some of the best riding this past year was seen in the United and BSD videos in which they traveled as a team and put work in together. I was told by many that I would be a fool to not focus 100% on web content and instagram posts. Still today, nothing exerts the type of energy and vibes created with a full length video. With the new Bone Deth DVD, we vaguely worked on it for a few years. Most of the action has taken place in the last year. Working with no true budget. Only the team's own pocket money and my money from sewing clothes and working side jobs to pay the bills and scrap enough money for maybe a one way flight or a few tanks of gas. This video, "The Dirty Sniff" is as blue collar as it gets. especially for a hard goods brand. The entire team put their own time and money in to making their parts happen. 

Josh Roof Pegs 2 Copy
Josh Roof Pegs Copy
Josh Scorpion 3 Copy

Josh Delarosa is the youngest deadman in the Bone Deth crew. With that comes a lot of learning to do and with that comes a lot of eating shit. Scorpion grind in true florida style. Photos: Pat Burke

"When we eat shit, we eat shit hard."
- Sean Burns

One failing factor was the locations of the deadman team. Almost every rider on the team lives in a different corner of the world. Kert Petersel in Tallinn, Estonia. Jay Wilson in Perth, Australia (the most isolated city in the world) and Dirt Ron in San Diego, Waffle and Bungay in Hastings UK, the list goes on. I had to rely on some of the riders to film at home and track down a filmer since none of these guys own video cameras. Its not like we have any type of budget to hire a filmier. The way it ended up turning out was that not much got done unless Dean Dickinson and I were there to shoot it. Although there is a number of bro cam clips... the video happened a bit slowly but surely. 

Img 19
Img 8074 Copy

On Albie's huge roof gap (see intro photo) he came up a few inches too short resulting in a major league baseball slide on his ass on sand paper shingle. Cutting his ass up into a butt cheek plethora of skin spaghetti-O's. The cops were waiting at the Bottom of the roof. They sort of laughed it all off and turned the other cheek. Photo: Sean Burns

Video production in BMX has its ball ups. I would say more ball ups than smooth drilling perfections. Especially when it comes to injuries. We don't call our team deadman team for nothing. I would say more than half the team spent almost the entire year's filming injured. Or partially injured. Taping up limbs and super glueing cuts on the verge of infections and hair line fractures. When we eat shit, we eat shit hard. And when we crash and it doesn't look bad, it actually hurts worse. A lot of my own painful spills were not even showcased in the video because they just were not entertaining enough. This had a huge factor in our delayed release. No one wants to put out a large quantity of scrap. Although is anyone ever satisfied with filming? You can keep it going forever but at some point you have to step in and call a deadline. 

Burns Sniff

A hop, skip, jump and a bumped elbow on the pillar mid hop. I jumped this ledge hop about nine times. On the last go, my handle bars clipped the post you see on the left and made the loudest clunk. It was safe to say I should have stopped on the first hop! Sometimes those floater hop drops are addictive. Photo: Jay Wilson

Bonedeth 11 Of 16 Copy

The documentation of an illegal activity. Which was nearly every single day filming for the Dirty Sniff. You can see the full details from our social security numbers to all the laws we broke on our Vlog at youtube.com/ItakePicturesOfMyselfInTheBathroom Photo: Leo Furmansky

Bonedeth 13 Of 16 Copy

This giant cone tube was as slippery as mustard on a oiled up pickle day parade on lube. While ducking and hiding from possible authority...this loop by Dean Dickinson was a quick in and out, with no bullshit in between. Photo: Leo Furmansky

"We had to stake out spots days in a row to find out when property owners went to lunch every day."
- Sean Burns
Botparty Copy

Flamboyant Party enthusiast Kevin Botsch. Bone Deth's favorite character, Party Management. The difficulties that ensued from one of these girls who randomly walked in from the street, caused a bunch of latino gang bangers to later on infiltrate our apartment in search of bone babes. They were too scared to come in due to Party Management's slinky and gay behavior. Photo: Sean Burns

Img 3976 Copy

Babes, Butts, Ex 80s wrestlers, and a Special Ed's teacher. Bone Deth loves variety especially when it comes to oiling girl's butts with leather bar gloves. Performed by Ex amateur wrestler Psycho Suze. Photo: Sean Burns

Nikkibaldmn Copy

While some of the crowd thinks that Bone Babes is a sexist outsource for men to spin their eyes around in circles, for us it has become an outlet for empowering women to show ignorant men getting what they deserve. Punishment for forceful perversion. Nik Minx is no stranger to the humiliation of an ego driven male. Photo: Sean Burns

Poolbog Copy

From an outside perspective you might think we are a bunch of weird abnormal freaks. Perhaps this is normal to us and you are the weirdo... behind the scenes from The Dirty Sniff. Photo: Dean Dickinson

Another huge factor for us is the spots we ride. From pools, to government property, roofs, etc. They are not spots you can hit and session for hours on end - a lot of the time you can't even peek over the fence for a quick glance without getting screamed at. The amount of detective work, construction and landscaping we did to make some of these spots happen would normally drive a rider away. An instant loss of interest due to the work that needs to be put in. From cutting down large trees, tying electric cables together, altering run ups with dirt and silly putty, emptying pools with rented Home Depot pumps. 

Even the amount of time we spent doing stake outs. We had to stake out spots days in a row to find out when property owners went to lunch every day. We had to rearrange their signs to different hours so customers wouldn't park there at certain times. Break glass in parking spots to prevent incoming parkers. Having people call businesses while we filmed a setup so that we could use that as a distraction while we rode the roof. Yes, and screaming on the phone with them so they don't know if the roof bounced or if the customer was so loud on the phone that it made the phone vibrate with eruption. We had to be sneaky. Multiple revisits to get a trick done. It is most certainly is an adventure yet at the same time it is a lot of work. 

Albie Blood Sweat Copy

Meatman Albie Bennett for some reason always decided to fire out stunts a half hour after he woke up and a half before he had to be at work. Showing up and serving chips and salsa covered in blood. There were a few times his boss sat me down and told me I can't keep encouraging him to die five minutes before work. At first I think they thought that I was his abusive boyfriend as they did not understand he rode bikes! Photo: Sean Burns

Another interesting fact about The Dirty Sniff is that 80% of our team is over 30. Half the team is either engaged with a full time job or in school training to become engaged with a full time job. It ain't no easy eggs and carrots baby. Finding time between these things to go ride and kill yourself whilst breaking laws and pissing off authority is tough. It can add a lot of stress to someone's life. With all the stress involved, the fun of it all out-weighs any negative factor. What else would I be doing in life? Sitting on my ass watching football, picking my boogers and running out of Keystone lights? No Thank you. We will try to keep making DVDs until are limbs fall off or we have spunked too much offspring to the point of overzealous responsibilities. 

Burnspoolairz Copy

After years of infectious cuts in the palms and nasty bacteria skin nasties, I can't commit to riding a pool without wearing bar gloves. I also can't ride a pool for more than half hour without completely eating shit. Luckily this was a quick dip. Photo: Pat Burke

Colt Fence Tree Hop Copy

Colt Fake filmed his bone deth part only in two trips. on the first trip filming for this video, and the last trip. 10 days total. This was the first clip he filmed. Bump jump off a tree stump over a 6ft fence and into the land of rocky grass. Photo Jamie Mauri

"We will try to keep making DVDs until are limbs fall off or we have spunked too much offspring to the point of overzealous responsibilities."

- Sean Burns

I can't really go into detail about some behind-the-scenes situations within the video because hot damn there are just too many. Nearly every single clip has some wild back story. I will however bring to light that with all the roofs we rode, pools, etc... No one was arrested or fined during the making of this DVD. Bones were broken, lips were cut in half, pretty positive everyone went through multiple sprained ankles and wrists and even caved in a number of buildings. But lawfully, we won. We fought the law, and well... we won. We evaded certain situations with absolute bullshit. There definitely were a number of times we gunned out of a spot driving off into the dust. But hell, we made it. And we can't wait to make another one. 

Burns Black And White

Ankle woes.

Albie Bennet 2

Stung by the bite of a missing bar end, Albie Bennett aftermath of a 360 roof drop gone wrong. Albie had a string of painful crashes while filming this video. This one was brutal, especially since he had to be at work serving mexican food 5 minutes after with bloody fingers. Photo - Leo Furmansky

Leonid Furmansky 150226 9298 Edit

Look at that beauty of a run out. Waffle doing the bar grind thing.

Img 8638 Copy

Psycho Suze signature Bone Deth Bar Gloves. How many BMX companies can you name that have a fingerless leather glove product endorsed by an ex-amateur wrestler that specializes in beating perverted men? Photo: Sean Burns

Kert Nollie Wall Copy

The blizzard is Kert Petersel's home. A 60 degree summer is hot for the Iceman. He loves to freeze! He is also the only person I have seen do large opposite nollie to wallrides. Photo: Arthur Sadowsky

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