Raph Table Reflect2 Lr
9 Jan 2017


A Photo Gallery By Cooper Brownlee

Intro and Photos by Cooper Brownlee

I am a true sucker for reflection photos, no matter what type of image I am shooting if I come across the right setup I am going to shoot it. When I started shooting this gallery almost a year ago now I thought it would take a while but not this long! It seemed like everytime I would try and plan to shoot something for it things didn't work out. So almost all of these shots were taken just out of chance during sessions with my friends back home in Melbourne along with some California adventures as well. Hope you guys enjoy the photos.

Kris Kyle Wall 360 Lr

Kriss Kyle chasing a clip whilst in Melbourne as the rain threatened to end the session.

Angel Hanger Reflect  Lr

I am pretty sure this is the first photo I got for the article that I was happy with and what really sparked my motivation for it all. Angel Covarrubias finishing off a line in the Cali heat for Chris Bracamonte's camera.

Diz Sui Flem Reflect Lr

I couldn't decide which one of these 2 images from Flemington Banks in Melbourne to run so I just used both. Jake Deering with the suicide over the water along with...

Jack Bars Flem Reflect Lr

...Jack Kelly shooting the bee's.

Rex Bars Gap2  Lr

This ledge to ledge gap that Rex Cubic is doing isn't a small gap so you have to hit it pretty hot. I must thank Rex for doing this bars 3 times for me to get the timing right.

Swiss Kinker Lr

I wouldn't normally shoot this type of setup the way I did but purely for this feature I shot it fish but fairly wide so that you could see the surroundings and make good use of the puddle. Marius Dietsche on the pegs.

Tyler Feb Hard Reflect2  Lr

Tyler Fujii is normally behind the lens filming for the LAX dvd over in California but this spot was his kind of jam so I had to get him involved since he was enjoying it so much.

Wolf Table Reflect  Lr

This was just one of those spots you hit for a minute and then keep moving but I had to get Wolfgang Ray to lay one down for me before we bounced.

Nathan Wall Euro Reflect2  Lr

Definitely one of my favourites. Nathan Sykes was booming off this wall and thankfully all the planets aligned for the shot we had in mind.

Bolts Bars Reflect Lr

This was the last shot I took for the feature and funnily enough it was the first photo I tried to shoot for it but failed. Thankfully the lighting was right 2nd time around and Alex Bolton was on hand for the bars photo.

Raph Table Reflect2 Lr

And finally... about that intro photo. When Raphael Jeroma - Williams visited Melbourne recently we all caught up for a roll at a few spots and I knew he had a real good table on him so as soon as we got here I had to get him to smash one out. I could sit here and claim I meant to time Jack Kelly in the background ice grinding the ledge but it was a complete accident and I didn't even notice until I had the shot on my computer.