Rooftop Pool S Crew Wall Luna
17 Aug 2016

Photo Journal - Rooftop's Secret Pool Party

"I’m not going to lie, I felt like a kid again."

Words and photos by Brian Castillo  Additional words and photos by Paul Luna and Mike Escamilla (Unless noted)

Mike Escamilla has been going back and forth with the idea of some sort of contest/ jam for some time now, and finally came up with the idea of a Secret Pool Jam with some of his favorite current riders and a few past legends. Knowing Mike for a very long time, you get to know his personality and how he goes about some things. Once he gets a wild idea up his sleeve he goes full throttle and is all in 110%.  

The idea of a secret jam is totally up Mike’s alley and was one of his best ideas yet. Riders were completely left in the dark ever since Mike sent out the video invitation to each rider and he let their imaginations go wild on where, what and who else was invited.  Most riders love a good adventure or secret adventure, especially coming from Mr. #betheadventure himself!  If you follow Mike on Instagram, you know he knows how to have a good time and would love to have him as a adventure guide any day of the week.
Rooftop Pool S Roof Dive Luna

Fastplant table over the board by Rooftop while Van and Osato take a rest in the heat. Photo by Paul Luna.

Although a slight head smack shortened Dakotas day, he was still blasting everything. Doyle meanwhile... Photo by Brian Castillo.

Some day people will talk about Tyler and Dennis the way they talk about Hoffman and Mirra. Future legends. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop Pool Dennis Downside Castillo

Dennis with a heavy double bar into the deep. Which was followed by a 270 bar bar back. Dennis killed everything. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop Pool Mike Diving Board Castillo

The man behind the mystery, and the mystery behind the man, or something. Rooftop and his pool party. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Once the address and time was sent out, and we all knew where it was (Google) and knew about the abandoned mansion from some of Mike’s past photos of the pool.  The pool itself is pretty amazing and from what I was told it was the biggest privately owned civilian pool in North America (250,000 gal) and the mansion itself has a wild past of prior owners.

The house is there still to be rented out by movie producers, special projects and whatever else your heart desires if you have the money or in Mike’s case, a bit of GoPro’s funding to help rent out the space for the day.  GoPro staff was also on-hand to help out Mike with the live feed for RIDEbmx’s Facebook and had Mike himself going back and forth from riding to help out broadcasting the whole days event.

The overall picture once you got into the jam was seeing the huge pool with Mike’s add-on wood ramps, the mansion itself, a dozen or so GoPro filmers with GoPro cameras on expansion poles running around with headsets everywhere, and pro riders that you didn’t know were coming but were definitely stoked to see there.

My personal highlight beyond the riding was seeing a rider like Tyler Fernengel talking to Dave Osato or seeing Dave Voelker talking and riding with everyone and being in the mix. You don’t normally see that kind of bond at a normal contest and was cool to see a huge amount of respect for the older guys that helped pave the way for some of the guys out there. 

Gary Young with the downside grind in 'the biggest pool in America' (maybe). Photo by Paul Luna.

Greg Illingworth made the trip down from the Mongoose Jam at Woodward West for the day - a treat for everyone. Greg doing what he does... Photo by Paul Luna

Rooftop Pool S Van Down Luna

Steet legends alert .Van Homan down whip on the jersey, Ian morris hiding from the sun behind the palm. Photo By Paul Luna.

"Whatever you want to call Mike’s pool party, it was a breath of fresh air..."

- Brian Castillo

Classic Doyle invert. Photo by Brain Castillo.

Gary Young with a switch 1 footed tabes in the pool. Photo by Brain Castillo.

Rooftop Pool Doyle Top Side Cancan Castillo

Topside double leg poke by Doyle. Few things in life look better then this. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Once the live Facebook live feed meeting with everyone was done, the jam started with everyone taking turns in the pool.  What was called a jam really wasn’t at all, since everyone there was friends it really felt like everyone was riding a backyard pool with zero obligation or care.  With no talks of money, no bmx magazine photographers, no bmx online content editor (this happened by coincidence), the guys went absolutely nuts!  I remember telling Mike once it was all said and done that I couldn’t believe how hard the guys rode from start to finish.  They f-n murdered everything that pool had to offer and couldn’t imagine what else could be done there!

Whatever you want to call Mike’s pool party, it was a breath of fresh air from the usual contest/ jam and hopefully well see some more in the near future.  If you’re lucky enough to get into the next “secret” jam Mike puts on you know you’re in for quite an adventure. - BC

Voelker Backflip Castillo

Having Dave Voelker at the jam was by far the coolest thing for pretty much everyone. This day was magic, for the few who got to witness it, and the legends new and old who got to be a part of it. Photo by Brian Castillo.

"In the last 30 seconds of the Jam, Voelker dropped in and came barreling up the pool in a full crank. No one was sure what he was going to do cause he was hauling ass. In true Voelker fashion he cranked a huge Flip fakie on the jersey, something he had not done in years. At 49 years young he is still gnarlier then most people riding BMX."

- Mike Escamilla

Rooftop Pool S Freimuth Wall Luna

The one and only Dave Freimuth. Photo by Paul Luna.

Gary Young, San Diego and legit tables represent. Photo by Paul Luna.

Tyler Fernengel getting twisted on the hip. Pretty Rad to see Tyler and Voelker on the same deck. Worlds collided and it was awesome. Photo by Paul Luna.

Rooftop Pool S Group Luna

The crew rolling in about to see the set up for the first time. Photo by Paul Luna.

Rooftop Pool S Roofanu Luna

Roofanu. Photo By Paul Luna.

"Once Rofftop gets a wild idea up his sleeve he goes full throttle and is all in 110%."  

- Brian Castillo

Mike Escamilla's P.O.V.

"I put this Jam together in about 3 weeks. I had an idea for a live jam at a pool, with about 10 guys. Somewhere in the following few days and with Gopros help I realized I could rent an epic location. So I went to work, I wanted to do something that the riders would be stoked on. So I invited 10 guys with a link to a video of me in Belize at some pyramids asking them to save the date and that I had only scarce info for them and that I could not tell them where it was or who else was invited. The idea of keeping it a mystery I think really got the guys stoked because every single person agreed to come and some even flew across the country all with almost no info but a date.

I wanted to put together a crew of dudes I love to watch and love to ride with. No matter the decade they were from. So I first invited Dave Osato and Dave Freimuth. After that I invited a few of the current generation Dak, Tyler, Dennis and Greg Illingworth. Next I picked a few guys who have cemented themselves as legends Doyle, Van and Gary young. With only one slot left there was really only one person left I wanted to be on the deck with at this event, Dave Voelker. To me this crew rounded out so many generations over so many decades. And it made an event that more then just the youngest people in BMX would enjoy watching. All the riders didn’t get the address to the location till morning of and even though half the riders ultimately found out who else was invited, there was still half that people didn’t. Watching everyone’s face of excitement as people started showing up was awesome. Once everyone was there we shuttled up to the location and they all got to see the pool for the first time together.

I’m not going to lie, being there I felt like a kid again. Getting the butterflies every time someone dropped in. nobody knew what was coming, it was awesome and everyone went nuts. I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this jam/contest, but it did feel different, or maybe familiar to a past time in BMX when events were a little scary and unknown, and not plagued with practiced routines and the same runs that we see every contest these days. I think everyone was stoked, we rode for a couple hours then everything got torn down. Which made it a little more special I think. What’s was done was done. And will never be again. Leaving it all in the pool with smiles and a good time." - MIke Escamilla

Rooftop Pool Dave Freimuth Whip Feeble Castillo

Dave Freimuth, whip to feeble on the jersey. Dave has invented more lip tricks then probably anyone else on a bike. When he was riding you could feel the anticipation in the small group of people watching, it was special back in the day watching him ride and being able to watch him now, made everyone feel like a kid again. Some things never change. Photo by Brian Castilo

"I wanted to put together a crew of dudes I love to watch and love to ride with. No matter the decade they were from."

- Mike Escamilla

Rooftop Pool Dennis Over Tooth Castillo

Dennis Enarson aired the diving board literally 5 minutes after showing up, both ways. He can do anything. Over tooth on the jersey. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop letting everyone know there’s $1000 up for grabs for hardest trick of the jam. It ended up getting split between Dennis,Tyler, Osato and Freimuth. Photo By Brian Castillo.

Rooftop handing Osato a stack of cash for his 540 Canadian on the jersey. Of all the guys who came, the secret that Dave was showing up didn’t get out, and for many was the biggest treat. Doyle even said he got butterflies when Dave got out of the car in the morning, where everyone saw each other for the first time. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop Pool S Osato Whip Morris

Osato did what Osato always does, blow minds and concrete his legacy even more. A true God among men on a bike, he made the trip down from Vancouver, Canada and took the day off from being a fireman to remind us all who’s really still in charge. Photo by Ian Morris.

"Doyle even said he got butterflies when Dave Osato got out of the car in the morning, where everyone saw each other for the first time."
Rooftop Pool Dak Wall Air Out Castillo

Dak being Dak, while everyone else just drinks it in. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop Pool S Roof Wall Luna

Last run on the wall moments before it got taken down, Rooftop popping one out the top. Photo by Paul Luna.

Rooftop Pool S Deck Luna

Heavy deck. Half the crew chatting and plotting. Photo by Paul Luna.

"My personal highlight beyond the riding was seeing a rider like Tyler Fernengel talking to Dave Osato or seeing Dave Voelker talking and riding with everyone and being in the mix. You don’t normally see that kind of bond at a normal contest and was cool to see a huge amount of respect for the older guys that helped pave the way for some of the guys out there. "

- Brian Castillo

Rooftop Pool Doyle Turndown Castillo

Doyle just keeps the classics coming. Shades n' all. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Dennis, Greg and Dak. Photo by Paul Luna.

Rooftop only took a few runs during the jam, but he kept them classic. Proper table on the hip into the deep as a Walking Dead star instagrams' the shit out of it. Photo by Ian Morris.

Rooftop Pool Doyle Big Whip Castillo

Doyle went bananas on the hip. Huge whip, bigger sunglasses. Photo by Brian Castillo.

"I didn’t reinvent the wheel with this jam/contest, but it did feel different, or maybe familiar to a past time in BMX when events were a little scary and unknown and not plagued with practiced routines ..."

- Mike Escamilla

Rooftop Pool S Over View Luna
Rooftop Pool Greg Nac Nac Castillo

Greg Illingworth was one of the dudes who really rode this place good. Everything he does always looks so sick. Photo by Brian Castillo.

Rooftop Pool S Van Down Wall Luna

Another classic van Homan whip?. Yeah.. why not. Van was making the trip out from the east coast and changed his ticket to come out a day early to make this jam. Worth every penny he said. Down whip off the wall. Photo by Paul Luna.

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