11 May 2018

Photo Journal: Eclat Motorhomies

Don't know where we are going, but we know where we are sleeping.


Photography By Paul Robinson

Everyone said to me you should do a campervan trip. Go on they said, it’s proper travelling, not just jumping from hotel to hotel. I like a plan though, so I found it difficult to let go and be a bit of a hippy. I remember thinking to myself – the bed is in the car. The bed…is..in…the…car. I'll be fine if I just think that. I was as well, I was absolutely fine. 

 In fact a week driving a camper van round southern Spain was in fact a very good idea. So I thought I would give you my pro's and cons of the camper van life, because it's not all laughs on the open road.

Van Motorhomies Eclat

Stuart Chisholm, Jordan O'Kane, Jordan Godwin & Harry Mills-Wakley

Four great things about traveling inside a moving house.

1. Urinating while travelling. Although possibly illegal – most certainly a game changer (I didn't get to experience this but I heard it was good).

2. Waking up in your motor house but realising the window view is different from the day before.

3. Having a fridge to return to where your beer is cold. 

4. Letting all your shit and piss out while leaving the supermarket car park. Sorry.

Four things that are not so great.

1. Driving a house is like driving a house. Not great going up a mountain for example.

2. We forgot to change the piss tank and it smelt like those troughs at festivals.

3. Getting a shower inside a cubical the size of a drainpipe. No room to swing around or talc up.

4. Being the driver I never once appreciated sitting at the table drinking a beer and watching the scenery.

Img 4899

Harry Mills-Wakley over pegs to hard 180. I figured the over pegs was perfect on its own.

Jordan O Kane Roof Drop Malaga Eclat 3

One of the stand out moments of the trip. When Jordan arrived at this spot, he realised it was not as big as he previously remembered, this got him super pumped and we had to calm him down while Cal set the shot up.

Jordan O Kane Shirt Rip Eclat

"He needs Ritalin or weed or something, just to bring him back down to earth on an evening"

- Paul Robinson (TM) on Jordan O'Kane

Godwin Over Smith Eclat

This rail got a good hammering. Jordan Godwin over smith.

Okane 360 Sevilla

360 Flair backflip turn around barrel roll loop de fucking loop...all of those things. Jordan O'Kane in Sevilla.

Jordan Buzzing Eclat 2

Post clip excitement level 10.

Jordan Buzzing Eclat

Post clip excitement level 11. Maximum increased.

Jordan Godwin 360 Malaga Eclat

"I don't have to do it again do I?"

- Jordan Godwin

Harry 180 Eclat

Harry Mills casually 180's a tall access ramp.

Stu Bars Eclat

Stuart Chisholm bars into the stairs.

Stu Eclat Over Ice

First attempt was essentially a rail hop. Second was clean as you like.

Jordan Orange Eclat

Wolverine mixed with Marv from home alone.

O Kane Gap

"Oh mate, we're getting lit tonight bruv"

- Jordan O'Kane

Harry Alley Spain

Harry in the alley

Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 1
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 2
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 3
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 4
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 5
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 6
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 7
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 8
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 9
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 10
Jordan Godwin Wallride Malaga Eclat 12

Godwin hit this at some speed, watch the edit to get the full experience.

Old Man Eclat
Jordan Okane Camo Smoke Eclat

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