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13 May 2022


The rain in Spain falls mostly on Madrid

shadow subrosa

Photos by Fred Murray

"Let's go to Spain in April - the weather will be fine!" Unfortunately Spain had other ideas for our DIG X Subrosa X Shadow trip but that didn't stop the crew from bagging some incredible clips (and not so incredible injuries).

Jiri Blabol, Simone Barraco, Miguel Smajli, Mo Nussbaumer, and TM Ryan Sher were joined by young Spanish talent and recent team addition Saúl Vilar for a week in Madrid. It wasn't just the bad weather we had to battle either - throughout the week the capital's spots ate up and spat out Simone, Jiri and Ryan. Shout out to Ryan who ended up breaking his elbow on a wild gap to wallride - hopefully he'll be back in action soon.

It wasn't easy, but the crew got there in the end. Scroll down for a look at what went down both on the bikes and off...

2 Z7 A4509

The island boyz. Jiri Blabol, Miguel Smajli, Simone Barraco and Moritz Nussbaumer.

2 Z7 A0925

Footage check. Check.

2 Z7 A0683

No one can be around Jiri for more than 30 seconds without bursting into hysterical laughter. The dude brightens every situation. Who else has a fucking gucci AK tattoo'd across their belly?!

2 Z7 A0688

Jiri, down but not out.

2 Z7 A0958

It seemed like pigeons were a constant source of traffic at this famous Madrid spot. Luckily this wasn't a case of killing two birds with one bike.

Mo Nussbaumer Bump Wallride To 180 Nohander

How many street lines have you seen which incorporate such a stretched oppo 180 tuck no hander?! That's Mo Nussbaumer for ya.

2 Z7 A0827

The love is real with this crew.

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2 Z7 A5126


2 Z7 A5147


Miguel Smajli Tires Tires 180 Bar

Miguel - Tires, tires, 180 bar while yet another protest went on round the corner.

2 Z7 A0674

Post clip protest snap.

2 Z7 A1033

Baguette with a filling of baguette.

2 Z7 A4684

Spot one of the first full dry day and Jiri wasted no time on this flat rail.

2 Z7 A3885

Jiri stole everyone's money the whole trip. Gotta pay for those car tires somehow...

2 Z7 A3890

Post big-money win face.

2 Z7 A4476

En route.

"It wasn't easy, but the crew got there in the end."

2 Z7 A4096

New team member.

2 Z7 A4120
2 Z7 A4398

Mo has some mighty fine oppo whips. FACT.

2 Z7 A4558

Simone at an awkward spot just before, you guessed it, hurting himself.

Simone Barraco Wall Nose Bonk

End of a line nose bonk 180 at the stinkiest spot i've visited in years.

2 Z7 A5047

This was the first proper dry day we got and everyone was choking to ride. Ryan took a hell of a nasty slam after his third attempt at a wild gap to wallride, only slamming due to his ass getting stuck in the back wheel. He managed to get his hands out, saving his face, but broke his elbow in the process. Fast forward ten minutes and he began to pass out in front of us while waiting for the ambulance. Scary times but these moments remind you how tight the BMX family is.

2 Z7 A5013
2 Z7 A5074
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2 Z7 A5088
2 Z7 A5104

Having a local around can make everything run smoother and our dude Rafael Black did just that. Big love to that guy.

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Simone Barraco, Jiri Blabol, Mo Nussbaumer and Miguel Smajli - More Info

2 Z7 A4355

Setup set up.

2 Z7 A4129

Puta madre.

2 Z7 A3300

Watching these two film together is hilarious. Constant jive and shit talking x10.

2 Z7 A1712

This undercover spot came in real handy. Pete and Miguel mid-process.

Ryan Sher Tree Ride Fakie

Ryan doesn't just TM, he's out there getting clips on the regular.

2 Z7 A1677

Mr Sher pre-slamalam.

Jiri Blabol Bar Manual Pegs 180 Cabwhip

Jiri with the 100KG bar pegs hard 180 cab whip.

2 Z7 A0884

Miggy mid-line probably writing rap lyrics at the same time.

Mo Nussbaumer Fastplant Over Wall

Mo throwing down for the crowd of crack fans in the back.

2 Z7 A1659

Czech swag.

2 Z7 A1668

Jiri consistently clocks 2 hours of screen time before he leaves his bed.

2 Z7 A1622

Nothing serious was being said at this moment. Guaranteed.

2 Z7 A3002

Muscle beach.

2 Z7 A4086

"Right beys check this cracker."

2 Z7 A5100


2 Z7 A5149

... vibes

2 Z7 A4618

Rico Delwhip. Go follow him @ricodelwhip

2 Z7 A4587

Waiting for ledge lines to get pulled can be chilly work.