9 Pros and Cons Of Being One Of The Busiest Men In BMX

Matt Coplon on the ups and downs of the 24/7 hustle...

1 Jun 2015

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Words and Photos by Rob Dolecki Additional photography by Sandy Carson

For as long as I've known Matt Coplon, he has always been immersed in various jobs and projects on a daily basis. Whether it's working his full-time sales job at Profile, changing hats and also being Team Manager, organizing trips, filming and editing videos, shooting photos, supporting the local Tampa Bay area scene by providing tons of content for the TBR website, writing and self-publishing his own books, being involved in various music projects, being a devoted husband, cat dad, and homeowner, and of course a non-stop rider, to name a few, it's quite a handful for anyone. Especially for a BMX'er, since the stereotype usually revolves around getting up sometime around noon or later.

Now that I think of it, Matt kind of reminds me of Damon Wayans in the 90's show "In Living Color," particularly the "Hey Mon" skits with the Hedley family characters. Luckily for everyone that Matt hangs out with, he's one of the nicest and most humble guys ever; he's not one to ridicule anyone and call them a lazy oatmeal wart for only having one job. Here's a little insight into the pros and cons of his daily routine that makes him one of the busiest men in BMX.


Being around the PMA and good-hearted antics of Profile co-worker Mark Mulville (left) is definitely not a Con for TM Matt Coplon.

1. Doing sales at Profile

Pros: Over the years, I've made some really good friends throughout the country (and internationally with dealing with our distributors). It's a real pleasure to get on the phone with a customer/friend, shoot the shit for five minutes and let that be the intro into business. It's not superficial, and makes me feel much less like a salesman. I've never thought of myself as a salesman.

Cons: Dealing with mishaps/mistakes that I was the root of. My head is spinning here constantly, running in several different directions, so when I'm rushing and make a mistake, it always drains on my morale.

2. Filming and shooting photos for Profile

Pros: Experiencing friends getting really stoked when they pull something. And working together to get a photo shot that is exactly what the rider is looking for. What really gets me stoked is trying an angle that, on first thought, might not work. Then it ends up being dialed.

Cons: Firstly, missing the shot. Second, experiencing a friend, bummed, that he/she didn't pull the move. Third, with my lack of flashes, poor lighting not allowing for a photo/clip to come out as intended.


Dillon Leeper finishing off a line, with Matt behind the lens and not missing the shot during the Profile Miami trip.

3. Contributing to the website

Pros: Getting fellow riders stoked and motivated to contribute to the site. It is, for the most part, a statewide, community website.

Cons: Getting fellow riders stoked and motivated to contribute to the site. Ha!


Canon fakie at dusk, in between filming clips with teammate/ co-worker/ longtime friend Mark Mulville.

4. Organizing and running Profile team trips

Pros: Camaraderie. Productivity. Good experiences which equal good memories. Having something you're proud of to show in the end.

Cons: Making sure everyone's needs are met. Not so much a con, but, from what I've learned over the years, much more a challenge. Every human being is different.


Matt Coplon showing that he truly is a boss in more ways than one...

5. Being Profile Team Manager

Pros: Helping not only our riders as our riders, but as my close friends. Being able to have part of my job travelling with friends to promote a company you believe in/stand by is a pretty rewarding feeling. I'm incredibly thankful.

Cons: Separating friendship from business.


Arguably one of the most challenging aspects of being TM can be deciding where to eat during a trip. On the Miami trip, almost daily Publix subs for breakfast/ lunch made that part of Matt's job that much easier. Yes, Grant likes those subs too.

6. Being a Husband

Pros: Having a partner of 16 years. And to have that partner always be on your side no matter what mistakes you make. I'm so thankful she's stuck out the rough times…

Cons: Marriage, like any human relationship, needs maintenance. It's a constant work in progress, a balancing of compromise. It's always a work in progress. But maybe that is actually a Pro as well?

7. Being a self-published Author

Pros: Creating a finished piece that you're stoked on. Writing a book/collection of short, non-fiction stories was probably one of the most difficult things I've gotten through.

Cons: The create a finished piece that you're content with. Just this month, after almost a year of pen to paper silence, I'm finally feeling the motivation to write again. It was, by far, the most draining endeavor.

Matt coplon D67-2008 LYOF1 SC

Matt growling for Light Yourself On Fire - Originally published in DIG 67, 2008 - Photo by Sandy Carson

8. Being a part of the Punk/Hardcore scene

Pros: Over twelve years, and in between two bands, I was fortunate enough to tour/travel. Over those years, I've made friends for life. Within the punk/hardcore scene, it was/is really inspiring to attend shows/events where there was a built in audience of like minded, ethical/political souls. The punk scene really shaped my outlook on life as equally as BMX.

Cons: Touring over twelve years. The monotony. The boredom in between shows on the road. Being stuck in a van with 9 smelly kids for 6 weeks in the middle of summer. Brutal.


When everyone's a little worn-out from riding all day long, Matt's the first one to flip on the nocturnal switch and enjoy anything stumbled across. Matt, letting a high-speed gap to manual fly way past his normal rest time when he's home and normally leaving at dawn for the daily drive to work at Profile during the week.


9. Riding

Pros: Riding continues to be the best form of therapy. Part of it, because outside of BMX I'm kind of a recluse, is the social aspect. I love riding with friends... love seeing them progress, get stoked and motivated. And on the therapy note (It's funny, because I had this conversation yesterday with a friend), riding has always been really difficult for me. With that in mind, the challenge of progression has always kept me interested. It wouldn't be as fun as it is if it weren't, for me, hard as hell to do.

Cons: Inhibitions to riding: Rain, schedule change, responsibilities, life...Considering riding is therapy, when I don't partake, it puts me in a really crappy mood. Addiction might be a semi-relevant analogy? And with that, withdrawal.


Despite the horrendous run-up completely surrounding this old DIY spot, it's still one of Matt's mandatory stops in Miami. Here is some of his on-trip therapy at it's finest.


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