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23 Oct 2015

DIG shirts all

It's been a long time coming but better late than never, eh? With the help of the new LA based BMX store, Thee Block and their in-house t-shirt printing we've got a bunch of quality new clothing for you, and with more on the way soon. Scroll down for a look at the new line along with all the info you'll need to order...


Believe Belong Tee


Give A Fuck Tee


DIG Logo Tee - Front


DIG Logo Tee - Back


DIG X Hideout Tee


Pocket Tee

The DIG apparel is available now online in sizes S / M / L / XL - For UK and Europe orders follow this link, and for USA orders and everywhere else go to this link. Look out for free stickers with each order and much more hitting the DIG store soon.

To order from UK and Europe go here.

To order from USA and everywhere else go here.