Print Matters: Ride PA BMX

The First In A Series Of Publications From Pennsylvania

5 Dec 2017

Frank Ashbridge Ride Pa Bmx Issue One Cover

Words by Matt Smith and Mike Purcell / Photos by Brendan Mulrooney, Matt Loughead, Shilo Staniech, Chris Marshall, Josh Mcelwee, Murphy Lee Moschetta, Nilo Hodge and Derrick Riggs

In this age of screens and swiping, it seems like we may actually be experiencing a resurgence in the amount of zines and print media we are seeing appear throughout the world. Maybe it's a sign that people need more than just click-bait and vaping vlogs, either way we're happy every time we see something newly printed show up to our door. Matt Smith and Mike Purcell explain more about issue one of their new endeavour, Ride PA BMX.

Josh Mcelwee Dan Conway Interview Dan Conway Crooked Grind Handrail

Zero hesitation here, Dan Conway laced this crook with ease.

"Ride PA BMX Issue One is the first in a series of publications consisting of a mix of interviews, photo galleries and event coverage provided through the generous contributions of the photographers and riders themselves. The first issue features sixty-four pages of original content printed on gloss pages in full color. While I facilitated the content with the contributors, wrote on a few articles and conducted interviews, Matt Smith of The Yea assisted in spearheading the project. Matt also handled the art direction and design giving the zine a clean look and authentic feel that's true to traditional BMX print media."

Frank Ashbridge Ride Pa Bmx Issue One Dan Conway Interview Spread
Frank Ashbridge Ride Pa Bmx Issue One Florideah Swamp Fest Spread
Josh Mcelwee Justin Care Spread Justin Care Icepick Grind Barspin

It took some serious work for Justin to toss the bars out of this icepick, but he pulled it flawlessly just as it was getting dark.

"In a day and age where people are scrolling through their phones, double tapping every post as fast as possible while some how having an in-person conversation at the same time is incredible. Be it texts, instagram, sports, news, politics, etc., everyone's only paying attention half of the time, or so it seems... Putting together a PA-based magazine  helped everyone involved to have a little more permanence to the scene. It helps everyone who reads it feel a little more than a vibration or a blip on your screen."

Josh Mcelwee Swampfest Van Homan Over Icepick

Van Homan putting down a classic manoeuvre on the pallet spine.

Shilo Staniech Rail Boys Article Matt Loughead Unluce Grind

Snow, sunshine, and cement. Matt Loughead - Unluc-E.

Derrick Riggs On The Move Article Mike Guth Guard Rail Hop Into Bank

"Mad" Mike Guth - Guard rail hop into a bank in Arizona.

Brendan Mulrooney Berks X Alive Industries Jam Jeff Purdy Crank Arm Grind Up Rail

Jeff Purdy - Crank up the rail.

Brendan Mulrooney Berks X Alive Industries Jam Todd Myrick Hang 10

Todd Myrick Hanging 10.

Brendan Mulrooney Berks X Alive Industries Jam Jeff Purdy Tire Slide

Jeff Purdy tire sliding through the Domino spot.

Brendan Mulrooney Rail Boys Article Shilo Staniech Crank Arm Kinked Rail

Shilo Staniech crankarm slide down a kinker some where near Baltimore. Shilo put in work for this one and it was definitely worth it.

Frank Ashbridge Ride Pa Bmx Issue One Chris Marshall Gallery Spread
Frank Ashbridge Ride Pa Bmx Issue One Inside Cover
Matt Loughead Rail Boys Article Shilo Staniech Double Peg Grind

Somehow this area was a ghost-town and Shilo was able to lace this big DP.

Nilo Hodge The Hosed Jam Jon Leffler No Footed Can Can

Jon "Okie" Leffler - No Footed Can Can.

Chris Marshall Chris Marshall Photo Gallery Ryan Niranonta Barspin Over Handrail

Ryan threw the bars so nice over this Philly rail, the fire department came to put out the flame.

Chris Marshall Chris Marshall Photo Gallery Zack Gerber Canadian Nosejam

Even though Zack Gerber has lived in Ohio for a long time now, he visits his home state of PA every time he can. Before leaving to visit his parents, Zack got this Canadian nose jam in Trenton, NJ.

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