SETUPS: Sam Hulse

And his GT Conway

18 Jun 2019

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Photos by James Holmes

Hailing from the quiet rural area of Scarisbrick, UK just outside of Southport (home of vert legend Simon Tabron) Sam Hulse might* just be the only 'Rope Access Technician' in BMX who hangs from Skyscrapers for a living, and also the only rider living with the combination of a partner, 3 dogs, a pet pig, and 10 chickens. He's been hooked up on GT since early 2015 but due to a bad head injury his welcome edit wasn't released until almost a year later. Sam has a story to tell about the serious after effects of that one (which we'll have for you later) but meantime we had a chat with that man who brings a whole other level of vertical to the mix, and we take a closer look at his current GT setup.

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DIG: What have you been up to lately?

SAM: Lately I have been working on a few projects, one of which is an edit for GT bikes – I’ve been filming with James Holmes between Bristol and back home around the north west. The second project, which I have been wanting to do for some time now, but a lack of confidence on opening up with my own battle was holding me back, this is a short story helping to raise awareness of mental health and specifically post-concussion syndrome. I feel this is a big subject at the moment, but still not spoken open enough in BMX. (Editor's note: Look for that video and more from Sam about this important topic on DIG soon).

How’s life in Southport?

Life in Southport is very quiet for myself, as I ride street mainly and there is quite a lack of spots here I find myself traveling out most days to Liverpool or Manchester a lot.

What’s the scene like there these days?

Southport still has a small riding scene and there is a good skatepark here, but I meet up with the BNG BNG Manchester lads a lot.

Sam Hulse M32 2
Sam Hulse M32
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Frame: Dan Conway GT signature 21.25 top tube 

Fork: GT freestyle full chromoly 

Bars: GT OG freestyle 4pc 9.125" rise, 29" wide

Stem: GT Elevated stem 

Headset: 1_1/8" sealed integrated 

Chain: KMC

Cranks: Wethepeople Legacy cranks 170mm

Tyres: GT LP-5 tyre

Sprocket: 25T alloy GT sproket

Pedals: GT resin platform

Seat: GT Faux Leather pivotal


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So why did you choose this particular bike setup then?

I chose the Dan Conway frame for its size, being just over 6ft I like a longer top tube than I would have got from the BK and most other GT frames.

I see it’s based largely on a stock complete, what have you changed to make it your own?

I didn't change much in all honesty, though it was a big change to my last setup – the free coaster and right hand cranks had to go in replacement of a left hand cassette and the brakes came straight off.

What’s the oldest part?

To be honest most of my bike is pretty new as I took a complete bike recently, but am still running my old 4 metal pegs.

Which part do you switch out the most?

I go through tyres the most, but I don't like to change my setup very often so keep hold of parts as long as I can.

Are you good at keeping this thing dialed? 

In the past I was very sloppy at keeping on top of my bike, but in the past few years I have made a conscious effort to keep on top of it. 

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