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Ever wonder why they used to play Slayer at so many contests?

15 Mar 2015

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By James Cox

Released in 2000 on VHS, Nowhere Fast is considered by many to be one of Dave Parrick's finest creations. It features sections from a serious line-up of riders including Dave Young, Brian Castillo, Rooftop, Jason Enns and Ralph Sinisi to name a few. In true Parrick fashion, Nowhere Fast is packed with classic US punk & metal from the likes of The Cramps, Black Sabbath, Slayer and Bad Brains but also a handful of tracks from the other end of the musical spectrum, such as Eric B & Rakim and Redman.

Was Nate Hanson's part in this video, set to The Wizard by Black Sabbath the cause of the peg chink epidemic that swept the planet in the early noughties? Quite possibly...


Nowhere Fast VHS Soundtrack

Nowhere Fast is packed with classic US punk & metal

Check out the full track list below:

Track Listing (Artist, Track:)

The Cramps: New Kinda Kick
Slayer: Raining Blood
Eric B & Rakim: Eric B Is President
Lard: Forkboy
Black Sabbath: The Wizard
Redman: Time 4 Some Aksion
Samhain: Let The Day Begin
Agnostic Front: Crucified
Motley Crue: Livewire
Pink Floyd: Eclipse
Black Flag: Six Pack
Miles Davis: Part II
Slayer: Ghosts Of War
Metallica: Dyers Eve
Bad Brains: Big Takeover
The Beatles: I'm So Tired