Vans Pro Classics Anniversary Collection

Commemorating 50 years of heritage and progression

24 Mar 2016

Vans Pro Classic50 Line Horiz Concrete

Photos courtesy of Vans

A 50th anniversary is a big deal, and Vans is celebrating in style with the release of a collection of limited edition classic shoes. With deep roots in BMX in over the last four decades, it would be pretty much impossible show up to any session at the park, trails, race track, or on the street and not see at least one pair of Vans amongst any crew. In fact for most of  the eighties wearing a pair of Vans was pretty much a way to identify as a BMX rider worldwide.. and the original versions of some of these shoes were pretty much synonymous with BMX riding during that period, and even since. Vans has big plans for the year, including the premiere of their first full length BMX DVD, so there's a lot to be excited about...

"Anecdoted by its original year of release, each style in the Vans Pro Classics Anniversary Collection pays homage to influential cultural milestones from Vans groundbreaking era of 1966-2000. What began as simple renovations in color, fabric and shape bolstered true connections with action sports icons" - Vans

Authentic Pro

Vans Sp16 Skate Pro Classics Authentic Pro Red Elv Hero

Vans 50th Anniversary Authentic Pro available now in Red / White and Navy / White

Era Pro

Vans Skate Pro Classics Era Pro Nvy Red Elv Hero Vsak

Vans 50th Anniversary Era Pro available now in Navy / Red

Mid Skool Pro

Vans Sp16 Skate  Old Skool Mid Blu Pair Horizontal

Vans 50th Anniversary Mid Skool Pro available now in Blue / White

Slip-On Pro

Vans Sp16 Skate Classic Slip On Wht Checkerbrd Pair Horizontal

Vans 50th Anniversary Slip-On Pro available now in Checkerboard

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"Anchored this spring by model favorites such as the Era Pro, Checkerboard Slip-On Pro, and Authentic Pro, the Vans Pro Classics Anniversary Collection released worldwide March 16, with forthcoming installments later this year. Visit to learn more about the commemorative styles." - Vans

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