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Backyard Cement Pond Mission in Drought Country

23 Feb 2015

Words and Photos by Andrew White

Last December I was handed a photographer’s dream assignment: Chase Hawk riding pools solo in California for etnies. Small crew, 8 am wake up, needless to say it was the best. Chase produced so much on that trip, handling nearly as much riding as an entire team would on a similarly lengthed mission. The first bits are starting to surface, beginning with this Jameson shoe promo.

Part one is filmed at the DIY pool an hour outside city limits and behind the horse pasture. We heard rumors of a little brother who lives at the property. I don’t remember the stories, but we were all stoked to hang out with this little character. Daunte, as we soon meet, was cool and handled himself well amongst the grown folks. He’d carry on with us, shred the bowl, and for a moment we’d forget he was so young. Then the next minute he’d be hand digging a mud hole with one of the many pups floating around.

Thanks to the skaters who let us take over their pool. Check out the video here, and stay tuned for more Chase coverage in the near future.