Photos from the trip that almost didn’t happen...

13 Nov 2014

Words And Photos by Devon Hutchins

This trip almost didn’t happen. Originally Aaron (Ross) was supposed to fly to Buffalo, NY for a skatepark opening then go to Pittsburgh. On the day of his flight there was a fire at the Chicago airport which delayed and cancelled thousands of flights. So last minute he asked me if I wanted to drive straight up to Pittsburgh since he was going to miss the skatepark opening in Buffalo. Without much hesitation I said sure and the next day we were off. We drove the 26 hours straight from Austin to Pittsburgh and ended up at Chris Doyle’s house. Our plan was to hang out with Chirs for a couple of days riding some spots around his house then drive to the TRA Double Cross contest in Bethlehem. We also wanted to ride Catty and Posh but because of rain and short amount of time luck wasn’t on our side. This was mainly a filming trip for a short Empire web video but I ended up getting some photos and put this gallery together...