Clement Carpentier and Robin Bourhis - D.I.Y. In Photos

Getting busy...

9 Jul 2019

Photos by Cedric De Rodot | Yorda Lhb | Hadrien Picard

It's always good to see riders getting creative off the bike as well, and that's exactly what Clement Carpentier has been up to with his clothing brand 'DIY'. Himself and Robin Bourhis got busy recently for this sick split section with things heating up in a big way towards the end. Check out the photos and watch the edit HERE.

"I met Robin a few years ago in Paris while participating at the Sosh Urban Motion contest, he was a little kid at that time and I had no idea I was going to launch a brand called DIY. We started to hang out, ride and travel together. When I first though of this project, I immediately told myself "I want Robin to be a part of it". We began filming when the brand was not even launched, just because we were having fun in the streets together. That's what I like about him, about BMX, and that's what I want DIY to represent. It's all about fun, and it will always be. Hope you enjoy this video, and expect more of us and the rest of the family soon." - Clement Carpentier/DIY Clothing