EYEBALLS: UK Street Photography & More by Frasier Hill

"might be shit to some, but I think it looks cool"

3 Mar 2021

Photos & Captions by Frasier Hill | Interview by Fooman

It first occurred to me that you had an interest in photography when you popped out the 35mm on a random mission to London with Kieran (Cooper) and Tom (Kilcoyne). Spilling off some camera jargon that only an enthusiast would know. Have you been taking photos for long?

Honestly not been taking pictures for that long probably around 3-4 years ruffly but that was definitely a good trip for shooting.

How did you get into shooting photos?

Not really sure how I got into shooting pictures really, most of my mates who I ride with or know through riding use cameras a lot and I never did, so one of them recommended an easy point n shoot for me and then they showed me like the basic stuff about cameras.

You’ve had a slew of cameras since I knew you even shot photos. Favourite one and why?

Ye I’ve had a few cameras but never really liked the ones that I had before but I’m pretty into the ones that I use at the minute, I mainly use my Leica minilux zoom at the minuet because it’s new to me but the one camera I will never get rid of is my Konica C35 EF because it’s a nice looking camera that is pretty sharp and isn’t that hard to get a quick snap from.

You just got yourself a fancy new Leica, hows that going?

Ye the Leica’s sound and I’m still getting used to it a bit, the pictures I’ve shot recently have all been in colour and they’ve come out very crisp but apparently they come out even cleaner in black and white so I’m trying to get through some of that too, just need to get through a few more reels to be honest but the weather is shit at the minuet for it.

You had the Fuji xt2 for a little while too, do you still use it or just film for you now?

I tried to use the Fuji XT2 but never really got into the digi piece to be honest, like it’s nice to take a picture and see it straight away but with film it’s more satisfying to me like having to load the film yourself and not knowing if you’ve shot a picture properly but you’ll only find out once it’s developed, its all a learning process really.

Favourite photo you’ve taken to date?

My favourite photo that I’ve taken will have to be the one of Max Otzelberger doing the curved wall in Paris, I just think It came out pretty crisp with the angle and shadow, might be shit to some but I think it looks cool.

BMX photography or lifestyle?

I try to take pictures of everything both riding and lifestyle stuff but sometimes the riding ones don’t come out as I’d like them too, what I do like to try and do is get the after clip pic when everyone’s hyped they pulled it and they’re looking back at the clip, honestly though I’ll try shoot anything and everything, gotta shoot the good times.

Any future plans with photography or is it just a bit of fun for you?

Nah no future plans with photography, don’t think I’m good enough to actually do something with it but I’ll always be taking pictures 'cus I enjoy it and it’s a fun little hobby that you can always be doing.

Any photographers who inspire you?

Apart from people I know that do photography I don’t really see other pictures so I’d say people that inspire me are, Kieran Cooper , Tom Kilcoyne , George Markomichelakis, Jason 'Fooman' Colledge, Eisa Bakos, Toby 'Tonash' Goodyear


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