Tony Malouf and Jeff Wescott in Puerto Rico

Staying under the radar and looking for spots that are out of the ordinary...

9 Apr 2015

Photos by Wes McGrath

Puerto Rico is an Island located off the southeast tip of Florida, a part of the Caribbean Island chain with a population of over 3.5 million people. Even so you don''t feel as if you're in the United States (it is 'an unincorporated territory of the US'), but it's more like the feeling of being in a foreign country. Staying outside of the main metropolitan areas of the Island, such as San Juan, we decided somewhat by default to keep to ourselves in the smaller parts of the island. Mainly spending time in Cayey and Ponce (yep), we soon developed an interest in staying under the radar in small town neighborhoods to seek out the spots that were out of the ordinary and we certainly weren't short-changed. Through our 11 days of pedaling and sight seeing I found my memory cards filled with culture and memories to share, I wish I could fully express the experience we had in Puerto Rico, but if this gallery doesn't do it for ya, well then maybe someday you'll be able to buy yourself a plane ticket! Check Out Malouf's BSD Beverage edit below and look for some exclusive content here on DIG from Mutiny's Jeff Wescott soon...