Snapshots - Eclat in Cyprus

35mm kebab life with Bruno Hoffmann, Alex Kennedy and Kilian Roth

3 Apr 2015

Intro and photos by Paul Robinson

Cyprus exists somewhere south of Greece. It's a small island inhabited by Russians, Greeks, Turkish and the British to name a few. If someone asked me about the spots I'd tell them it was good, if someone asked me about the culture, I'd say I wasn't sure and If someone asked me if it had any kiosks selling bits of crystal rock, soap, cans of baked beans, single cigarettes and empty shelves then I'd say yes. We decided to take Alex Kennedy, Bruno Hoffmann and young gun Kilian Roth there to film with Rich Forne for an Éclat edit and shot a few rolls of 35mm while in between looking for kiosks to buy cans of Mr. Browns.