SNAPSHOTS: Women’s Weekend in the Woods

At Catty and Posh

23 Sep 2021

Words and photos by Tasha Lindemann

2021 is the 5th year for the Women’s Weekend in the Woods, an event held at the legendary Pennsylvania trails, Catty and Posh. It was originally scheduled for August 28-29, but after a slew of flash flood warnings, the locals made the call to reschedule it for the following weekend. A few travelers were already on their way, and the weather held for a session on Friday. The following Saturday, the weather was perfect, and the official Women’s Weekend in the Woods began. There were multiple contests, including the longest Manual, High Jump, and Fast Laps on the pump track, each one chosen and set up with the help of a local, young lady shredder. Nina Buitrago and Carley Young shared their wisdom with a jumping clinic through the roller line, helping everyone improve their skills. One of my favorite parts of the day, a lady train through Rollers, included over 25 riders this year! Laps upon laps, everyone rode till the sunshine faded away.

Unfortunately, the next day of the jam, scheduled for Posh, was canceled due to a thunderstorm Sunday morning. This gallery features photos from 2 days at Catty with some of the most incredible women in BMX, including Nina Buitrago, Dani Lightning-bolt, Jordan Houck, Chelsea Wolfe and so many up and coming shredders!

As always, thank you to the trail’s locals for putting so much hard work in, we appreciate all you do!! And thank you to the jam sponsors, because of you we were able to provide goodie bags for each participant and an epic raffle, filled with prizes. Thank you for keeping the woods alive!