Street Fighter Jam 4 - Photo Gallery

Street Jams and the inevitable revival of fun!

3 Nov 2014

Words and Photos by Wes McGrath

In the BMX scene today, across the world, it has become a very progressive place, setting the stage for a higher level of skill that can be daunting to some riders evolving their own talents and styles. Yet, we see great events like Texas Toast bringing us all together, and now multiple BMX shops are hosting annual street rides that can bring the masses closer to all the action they love, live, and breathe...BMX! Street Fighter does just that bringing locals, pros, and friends together to help us all remember what it's like to have fun in the midst of all of this competition. 

Originally started by the "Destruction Krew" of the greater Phoenix area, consisting of the trio Jeremy 'Zuka" Hacker, Robbie 'digital' Owen, and Clay Johnson. Forming this jam was simply an idea to start something unique to the PHX scene that has yet to happen, to bring more fun to the streets! Starting in 2008 and running for three years until 2010, this jam was fueled by 40 oz. prizes and great support from the sponsors, creating an atmosphere where everyone felt accepted no matter what! The jam was put on hold until this year and it came back with a bang, over 200 hundred riders from all over came to be a part of the fun, we pedaled miles across Phoenix only to end the night with an awesome Deck Park party and prize give away! Thanks to everyone who made this event happen and let's keep this movement going!

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