Breaking the stereotypes in Womens BMX

7 Oct 2022

Photos courtesy of Ciro Costantini @phciro

So hyped on this eight minute video from The Cliché Crew, filmed in Barcelona and Cologne with Emma Finnegan, Francina Fernández, Anahi Arevalo, Jorid Eilts, Wibke Vogel, Linda Grabner and Teresa Grauten.

"We started the Cliché Project because we realized that there are no videos that are completely done by girls. So we wanted to change that and create something that we can be proud of and represents BMX in our opinion. The name "Cliché“ came into our minds because on one hand, there are many stereotypes in women's BMX we want to break with this video project. On the other hand, we want to create a solid BMX video that fits the stereotypes of a street video.

We went on two trips. For the first one we went to Barcelona for ten days in February and for the second one we went to Germany in July. The first few days we spent in Hannover and the rest of the trip in Cologne. Most of us met for the first time in Barca but everyone immediately got along really well. It was a new experience to go street riding with a bunch of girls and it was really cool to see how every girl got out of her comfort zone and pushed her limits. Besides riding we made a bunch of good memories being seven girls in a two bedroom apartment. Cooking together, watching the clips we filmed, talking, annoying each other, dancing and just enjoying each other's company.

Huge shout out to Vans, WeThePeople and Kink for making this project possible and all the local guys who supported us. We hope this video inspires young girls to go out in the streets with their friends, pick up a camera and just have fun on their bikes." - The Cliché Crew


Emma Finnegan

Francina Fernández

Anahi Arevalo

Jorid Eilts

Wibke Vogel

Linda Grabner

Teresa Grauten

Be sure to check out the video and recap slideshow HERE.


CLICHÉ was supported by our Official DIG Partners VANS / KINK / WETHEPEOPLE