Wes McGrath - 2019 UNSEEN

12 UNSEEN gems from California to Spain!

2 Jan 2020

Photos by: Wes McGrath

It seems unheard of these days to actually have photographs last all year without revealing their existence on the internet before they can be properly accessed for the world's viewing pleasure... But today, on the last day of 2019, we have this set of 12 photos brought to you by Wes McGrath, that haven't quite found their place, either online or in print... Throughout this past year of worldly travels, Wes has selected images that reach from the alluring architecture of Barcelona to the sunsets of his west coast homeland, California. Including riders such as, Nate Richter, Robbie Owen, Alex Gonzales, Denim Cox, Yumi Tsukda, Mauro Valencia, Trevor Siglock, Eddie Cuellar, Brandon Begin, Hobie Doan and Mark Burnett!

Enjoy these last glimpses into the year past and get ready for the New Year to come, 2020!