Nick Seabasty X DIG - Low Profile Video

That last kinker is a beast!

27 Mar 2016

Filmed and edited by Smallfry

Nick Seabasty has been working on this one for over a year now, taking a knock to the head which set things back for a bit, but with a trip to AZ and some Looking For Spots in his home state of New Jersey this has got a bit of everything. That last kinker is a beast!

"I'm always out LFSing or just pedaling around with friends. Back in NJ, we'd always just have the camera with us and if we found a spot we'd hit it and keep going. I love that way of filming instead of stressing over a spot for a while but it happens and it's always a good feeling getting it. As for this project it was kinda hectic.. I started it a little over a year ago but with moving around a lot it was more difficult than I thought.. Finding someone to film with was scarce while bouncing around and getting all the clips to Smallfry to edit was just as hard (laughs) that and a pretty serious head injury took me out of filming for a few months while in AZ. I didn't really feel like myself riding wise till this past July actually." - Nick Seabasty

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