Video Vault: DIG at The Rebel Jam 2012

Sex on the beach?

1 Oct 2014

Filmed and edited by Peter Adam

"After Axel Jurgens opened his doors for Eurocamp, it was clear that we needed to be there. Axel had always been trying to get us over for a visit to check it out, so when Mike made a trip there with his Carhartt team in 2010, I took the chance to join. I was hooked!

You just can’t beat that place. If you’re into park or trails riding and into having a good time on the beach in summer, or in off-season, this is the place to be.

Eurocamp already had a solid ramp set up thanks to the Nike event in Barcelona in 2010, so we committed to step it up even more. Axel and the Eurocamp crew recreated some of the old set up and attached about 50% of new elements. The entire place got overhauled and by the time it was ready, all riders came over and we celebrated a one-of-a-kind rebeljam. Flatland was again part of it, set on the beach with an unreal vibe, hosted by Darryl and Catfish." - Andy Zeiss

Taken from our DIG article, The History of The Rebel Jam.