Weird & Revered DVD - Justin Schwanke

The CEO behind W&R with his multi layered section

1 Jul 2020

Video By: Weird & Revered Crew

The CEO behind W&R with his multi layered section of gaps, riding barrels, brake tricks, riding non spots, even incorporating some skateboards!

Check the Youtube page of the video to hear more of what his friends have to say about him and peek behind the curtain of the man and CEO behind this DVD and crew.

“Justin is an organized man. He uses a day timer, ensures his water bottle is filled, and keeps his tires pressured up. Justin can be nearly predictable in that sense. His bike riding is the polar opposite. Living in a rural area for most of his life, Justin had to learn to get creative with what he had; whether that be barrels, plywood, or backyard ramps. Naturally, this led him to gain an appreciation for BMX's most eclectic riders such as Tate Roskelley, Mike Mastroni, and Erik Elstran. If you want a video part that keeps you stoked, confused, and guessing throughout, look no further than Justin Schwanke in the Weird & Revered DVD.” -Jesse Baraniuk

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