WeThePeople - Are We There Yet

Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda, Felix Prangenberg & Sam Waters in Australia

15 Sep 2017

Filmed and edited by Callum Earnshaw

Some plans are bound to go better than others, but that's the nature of travel and especially BMX trips which rely heavily on the cooperation of mother nature.  WTP's Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda and Felix Prangenberg ventured down to Australia for the Street Series jam and to knock out a video from the trip with local Sam Waters and videographer Callum Earnshaw. Street Series was a success, the rest of the their time was a battle to get sessions in between rain showers.

"Wethepeople PRO riders Jordan Godwin, Ed Zunda and Felix Prangenberg battle jetlag, the weather and missing bikes during our trip down under. Despite all this, the guys kept their chins up and went to work on the streets of Melbourne., Guest starring Aussie connect Sam Waters and supported by Monster Energy and BMX International." - Wethepeople