IN PHOTOS - The SOURCE 'Straight to DVD' Trip

With Nathan Williams, Dan Lacey, Bruno Hoffmann & Corey Martinez

29 Oct 2019

Words & Photos by Kevin Conners | SOURCE BMX are Official DIG Partners

What started out as Source TM Tom Creasy saying,“Hey we are going to SwampFest want to come?”, quickly turned into a trip that reminded me of nothing but old times. Sure, it wasn’t the riding trips I’ve become more used to these days, but more of a 'glory trip', which are often the best ones anyhow. However, nowadays with the ever increasing demand for content and daily internet bangers, keeping up with online expectations is serious business (however much I enjoy shooting them). Somehow though Creasy had masterminded a trip where he thought it'd be best to do just the opposite.

With Lacey, Nathan, Bruno, Creasy and Coxie already set to be at SwampFest, Corey to pick up along the way, and a new warehouse to check out in Louisville, it just worked out. The crew was ready to go on another trip together with only the expectations to shoot, drive, and enjoy it as much as possible whilst Coxie filmed much of the riding and good times along the way, for the Source STRAIGHT TO DVD project. This all worked for me as I'm always more than willing to sit in a van between whatever stops and laugh our asses off with off with friends all day.

Thanks for all the good times and stories boys, and sorry for the shaky super raw IN THE CUT but best to keep it simple when you’re a photographer with a vloggers camera. Creasy, you did promise us all jet-skis but that never happened, so I’m personally holding you to that promise. Now watch the video, peep the photos then go jump in a car with a few of your friends and just enjoy. You know what, screw it, skip the video, the IN THE CUT, and the photos; get out from behind that monitor NOW and go ride or enjoy a trip with your friends. After all, that’s what BMX is all about - good times and friends. More internet bangers to come... - KEVIN CONNERS

View our DIG 'IN THE CUT VIDEO' from the trip HERE.


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