IN PHOTOS: 2019 Catty Woods Halloween Jam

20-plus snaps from one of the most entertaining trail jams of the year...

27 Oct 2019

Photos by Rob Dolecki

This year's Catty Woods Halloween Jam in the clay mecca of Bethlehem, PA in the U.S. went off, as usual. Countless Costumes and heavy roasting were in full effect, especially during the Dip Buzz High Air comp. And even though the following day's jam at Posh got rained out, the Doubles Best Trick comp over the Schwantz fly-out jump alone was more than a day's worth of laughs and entertainment (sorry, no pics from that part of the day- Rob was drafted for judging that part of the jam and had to put down the camera). Enjoy the following 20-plus pics; long live the roast.

Supported by: S&M, FIT, Empire and Mutiny