Just Another San Diego Weekend...

With Reed Stark, Devon Smillie, Tony Neyer, Demarcus Paul and Christian Rigal

20 Jan 2017

Words and Photos by Kevin Conners

What originally started out with a phone call from etnies filmer Will Stroud saying he wanted to roll through SD for the weekend with Devon to chill, while he was in California working on wrapping up the first stages of editing CHAPTERS, quickly turned into a second call saying he was actually coming through with Reed Stark and Tony Neyer for the weekend in hopes of filming some more finishing touches for the video. With that crew headed my way (filming or not) it was sure to be a fun weekend.  

Luckily for my small house and the abundance of overly abused SD spots and hidden gems, Garrett Reynolds was in town and more than down to help hop in the van and show the crew some of what SD had to offer. Alongside other SD etnies riders Christian Rigal and Demarcus Paul, the crew made quick work taking full advantage of the amazing weather, spots, friends, van and generator... proving sometimes a quick unexpected two day trip just a couple hours away can be just as productive and fun as traveling across the globe.  

I’ll let the photos and captions do the rest of the talking…

etnies Vegas Raw

6 Nov 2015