Steve Crandall and the Richmond Trail scene

9 Nov 2020

Words and photos* by Steve Crandall (Cranman pics by Nate Hanger)

For many riders, dirt jumps are the essence of BMX - the original DIY approach to emulating motocross on a bicycle. No two dirt jump are the same and each spot is as unique as the riders who spend their time in the woods carving out their own little escape from reality. In Richmond, VA it’s all about riding bikes and building your own fun.

This photo series showcases some of the riders in a modest but vibrant East Coast scene, who create something out of not much. After work. On the weekends. By themselves or collectively on the outskirts of town and just within city limits. When I shot most of these photos this summer, what struck me as being so special was the diverse yet parallel efforts of so many riders simply trying to make theirs days more enjoyable. No pretense. No plan. Just an honest effort to make as many two wheeled smiles as possible.