Snapshots: TMPRD Brisbane Trip

A Long Weekend With The Whole Crew

1 Aug 2017

Photos by the TMPRD Crew. Words by  Mike Vockenson

TMPRD has been on a constant ascent of late. Thanks to boss man Chris and Alex Liiv, the brand has a new breath of life and drive. There are products on the shelves, digital media, roadtrips, newly formed partnerships and most exciting, fresh blood on the team I.E Dynasty Crew. It's been a while (2010) since a TMPRD crew was all in the one place, so come June 2017, it really did feel like a momentous and well overdue occasion to have not only new dudes Jake Corless, Dylan Steinhard, Johnny Mackellar and Marius Deitsche join long time riders Jerry Vandervalk, Alex Liiv, Wilton Hedley and Mike Vockenson, but boss man Chris was down to hang as well. The whole tribe. 

The plan was basically to get everyone together for a long weekend to most importantly, meet each other and ride together, but also to discuss the future of the brand, where everyone wants it to go and for Chris to unveil a whole bunch of products/plans that have been happening behind the scenes for quite some time. After a few hot ones, a game of pool or two and some beers, everyone gathered in awe to hear from Chris. It was a ridiculously motivating evening. We celebrated!

It's a tough gig running a bike company in Australia. There is little money and plenty of competition, but definitely a gap out there for a brand doing quality shit to make a mark on the scene, in a lasting fashion. TMPRD hopes to do just that and this weekend was a little sampler, a beginning of things to come. 

I can confidently speak for the rest of the team in saying that it was amazing to meet the new guys and build the hype of TMPRD, something that we have been deprived of for years and years. To share something that we have all put our blood and heart into is super rewarding, so hopefully with more collaborative efforts like this, the motivation can be spread across the country - spearheaded by the Dynasty Crew. 

Thanks to everyone for making the trip to Brisbane and for Chris and Liiv in working so hard to make things happen. Also, thanks to Wilton/Samson for the accommodation, cheers boys. Here's to more good times!- Mike Vockenson

Watch the videos from the Brisbane trip here - Part 1 / Part 2