Snapshots - 2015 Sparky's Warehouse Jam

The 2nd annual Sparky's warehouse jam!

10 Dec 2015

Photos and intro by Eric Bahlman

November 21, 2015 in Longwood, Florida. Sparky’s Distro hosts it’s second annual parking lot jam and warehouse sale. In attendance were team riders from Shadow and Subrosa including Simone Barraco, Seth Kimbrough, Trey Jones, Joris Coulomb, Johnny Devlin, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Johnny Atencio and myself (Eric Bahlman). Tons of local kids came out to get crazy deals on bike parts and apparel but to also get a chance to shred the ramps, ledges and Subrosa street rails with some of the their favorite team riders. It was a gloomy Florida afternoon with some rain towards the end but that didn’t stop anyone. A lot of fun, laughter, and crazy stuff happened that day and here’s a glimpse of what went down!