2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup Series Trailer

Stopping in Australia, USA, Mexico and ending in Spain for the World Championships

22 Feb 2018

Video by Vans

Besides the best jams and competitions in recent memory like Swampfest and Battle of Hastings, the Vans BMX Pro Cup continues to be one of the most anticipated events in BMX. With its focus on flow, speed and height instead of spinning to win, it is coming into its own as a classic event.

Below is everything you need to know and the dates to add to your diaries...

Regional Qualifiers:
Santiago, Chile
March 23 & 25
Sydney, Australia
April 27
Woodward East, Pennsylvania
June 28
Guadalajara, Mexico
August 24
Málaga, Spain
September 21
*Open registration information is available on vansbmxprocup.com
Pro Tour:
Sydney, Australia
April 29
Huntington Beach, CA
August 3 & 5
Guadalajara, Mexico
August 25 - 26
World Championship:

Málaga, Spain
September 22 - 23
The Vans BMX Pro Cup Series World Championships will take place in Málaga, Spain on September 23 to crown the official 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup World Champion. For new updates and more information on competition format, locations, athletes and more, please visit www.vansbmxprocup.com.

VANS is an Official DIG BMX Partner