Women's BMX Mixtape - Vans Pro Cup Malaga

Nina Buitrago and the crew head to Spain

26 May 2017

Video by Nina Buitrago

NIna Buitrago and the ladies of BMX get their runs in at the Malaga stop of the Vans Pro Cup and then venture off the beaten path to that famous hook spot that is a must visit for all BMX tourists visiting the city.

"This is a rough two part edit I put together for the ladies of BMX and our time in Malaga, Spain at the Vans BMX Pro Cup May 5-7th, 2017. All footage was shot on iPhone 7 or a GoPro of some sort. The first part is highlights of each of us from both the regional qualifiers and women's demo at the Skatepark of Malaga, and the second part is a little spot mission a group of us went on immediately after we rode in our demoi. 15 year old Hannah Roberts made history at this spot becoming the first female to do a barspin AND tailwhip the legendary hook spot." - Nina Buitrago