A DAY LATER - Unseen Intro to a Sequel That Never Was

Steven Hamilton and friends on the Cutting Room Floor

19 Jan 2017

Video by Andy Marshall | Words by Steven Hamilton

It was fifteen years ago when Andy Marshall's 'A Day Late and a Dollar Short' introduced some new progressive Central Ohio street riders to the world of BMX. For some, the video marked the end. A scene and a crew, a time period captured in a video. For others, the video marked the beginning. And for others, it was somewhere in-between.

This footage was kind of when we all started going our separate ways. Looking back, it's cool to see all of our riding really maturing
during this period. You can see that higher level of confidence here.

In a way, it's a shame this video never happened. What if the trips had never ended, and we all kept riding together? But life gets in the way sometimes. Though a lot of this footage ended up in other places, it's nice to see it together and wonder, what if? - Steven Hamilton

Steven Hamilton is supported by Official DIG Partners: Animal

"This was supposed to be the trailer for the follow up to 'A Day Late & A Dollar Short'. In hindsight, it was probably a little premature to cut this together, considering we were not sitting on a pile of great footage. And, it seemed like every time either Ian or Steven got a good clip recorded, they wanted to use it for another video (which I don't blame them for one bit). I look back on these days with much happiness. It's funny, I remember being concerned with the cost of going to Best Buy to purchase a 3 pack of MiniDV tapes (they were $3 or $4 dollars a piece, that was a couple of gallons of gas per tape!). I hope some people enjoy seeing this. I'll get around to putting the full version of 'A Day Late & A Dollar Short' up on some sort of file sharing service soon if there is any interest." -Turley Andrew Marshall